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Bond of Union, 1956, by M. C. Escher 

In today's big bad world
The coveted enemy of man is man
No one here provides a helping hand
Everyone wants to rise as much as they can

It does not matter how they reach high
Even if it means to push someone else down
Man is divided in more ways than one
It is much beyond the lines of white and brown

Money has now become the center of being
Human emotions have gone for a toss
Man is ready rob, cheat or kill
For one gain, there are hundreds of loss

Infidelity, rape, theft and murder
All these vicious crimes are on a steady rise
For one man's five minutes of glory
With their life, someone is paying the price

Pointing fingers has got so easy
Everyone wants to stand out and look
No one wants to come in and help
When pain and tears peep from every nook

There is no humanity left in humans
Animals now seem to be the better race
The journey of life is now a competition
Hurting others to increase one's own pace

The power to think is what makes us superior
But it will now be the reason for our downfall
Every man has only one thought in mind
At any cost, they want to have it all

Every one of us is somewhere related
It is the power of love that unites us
We all may look and speak different
But all our journeys started from the same bus

We all are a part of each other
Although this might be not permanently inked
The human mind just has to register one thing
That we all living beings are intricately linked

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 248.


  1. Well written and absolutely an honest poem...

  2. Sadly it is true. We are a part of a made race which brings so much negativity.

    I think there is a typo - it's does in second verse, right?

    1. Yes Saru, thank you for pointing it out. I have changed it now.

  3. Basic human concepts laid out into a nice poem ! You got the gift Soumya :-)

  4. A bit somber, but quite meaningful; well done.

  5. A very deep poem, trying to bring out the truth of humanity and modern society.

  6. Wonderful poem with a deep meaning. Yes, its high time each one of us realized that we are intricately linked to each other. The day this thought dawns on us, we will find it easy to appreciate life as well as others.

  7. Such powerful thoughts put together in this poem! Humanity needs to sit up and take notice, loved it.


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