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Magic Of Love

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It can soothe an injury
And heal a broken heart
It can also erase the pain
And help you with a fresh start

It can give you immense strength
To handle the toughest of things
Joy in your heart and peace in your soul
This feeling definitely brings

You can feel the butterflies
As well as the musical chime
If you choose to embrace it
Every word begins to rhyme

It is not a thing to find
Instead it finds you
It doesn't come to everyone
The blessed ones are just a few

It is a wave of pixie dust
It makes the world go round
But when it chooses to fail
It can take you to the ground

The hurt is unbearable
But it does fade some day
You need to have faith in yourself
It is only a small price to pay

It helps you mend yourself
It is a soothing potion
It can intoxicate you too
It is a wonderful emotion

You need it to survive
It is the best gift sent from above
Sometimes happy and sometimes tragic
That is the magic of love


  1. Magic of love written so magically...♥

  2. Beautiful..without a doubt!!
    Love is all you truly need!

  3. Magically expressed Soumya!! It indeed is one of the best strengths and weaknesses too.

  4. Love is magic. Love is beautiful :-)

    Happy New Year. Have a great 2015 :-)

  5. beautiful.. LOVE well LOVE is love



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