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My Blog, My Pride

Image Source On March 9, 2015 I shall complete six years of blogging. Six whole years of writing almost everything that happened in my life and almost everything that came to my mind. Writing started off with the hope of healing my broken heart and venting out my frustrations. Later it became all about poetry and fiction. And when I found love again, it became a happy space that held every account of my life. Today, this space has become my companion in every walk of life. Be it a rant, a poem or a piece of fiction, it always will be a piece of my heart. Yes, some of it might be a filament of my imagination but still it is linked to me in more ways that one. The Honest Posts series is my love story out in the open, right from day one. Some people tell me not to share too much of personal information on the blog. But when there is a Facebook and a Twitter having almost every detail of our daily life, why not a blog? And moreover it is a personal choice as to what I share. I hav

Going Sleek!

Image Source I'm a multitasker who is constantly on the go. I call my mind organised chaos as I always have a million things to do. I want to work and at the same time write. I want to dance and at the same time paint. I want to listen to music and at the same time make a planner. I always have a hundred things running on my mind and I find that this keeps me active and energized. I'm not a very big fan of tablets or phone pads. I find it really difficult to type on touch screens. I need a chic and sleek technology partner by my side, to enable and empower the multitasker in me. Since more than half of Bangalore is Wi-fi enabled now, all I need is an amazing device that I can carry around in my bag and connect anywhere. It needs to be light and yet powerful. And most importantly, it should come at a decent price and be worth it. I had it narrowed down to two choices. The sleek and powerful ASUS EeeBook X205TA or the ultra-portable and perpetually connected ASUS All

Being Cupid

Image Source The proposal is always said to be a man's thing but who says a woman cannot do it? Some people say that a woman proposing to a man is a desperate attempt, which is totally ridiculous. Love is the most wonderful emotion in the world and it remains the same no matter who proposes. Love is a very strong feeling and having the guts to express it and shout it off to the world is a huge thing. Believe me, not everyone can do that. We all have heard of those silent love stories, where two people are in love with each other but are shy or scared to tell the other person. Thank God, we do not live in that era anymore. And Valentine's day compels us to not keep quiet about the love we feel. I know we do not need just one day to express our love, but since Saint Valentines worked so hard for it, we might as well as make it worthwhile. Roses, chocolates and soft toys are so passé. And more over they are girly things. How would you propose to a man? The conventional met

Look Closer

Copyright – Georgia Koch When the man I loved abandoned me on my wedding day and my village banished me, I packed all my luggage and set off on my boat, to start a brand new life. I did not make it there though, my journey was cut short as I drowned in my feelings as well as in life. But I did not leave this earth, I sit here at this abandoned spot on my boat, planning my revenge. I just fell in love truly, madly and deeply; and I did not deserve an end like this. Look closer, you can see me. This five sentence fiction is written for the topic ' Abandon ' at Lillie McFerrin Writes . This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 23rd January 2015 .


Image Source It was love at first sight It would happen, I had no clue I remember you walking down the road With a flowing dress in powdered blue I was scared to approach you But in my heart, you were mine Watching you gave me immense peace You were my ray of sunshine Days passed but my tongue was tied Then you walked up to me with a smile Hearing you speak drove my crazy Wondering why I was quiet all this while I knew I was just a friend By my love for you only grew I did not say anything to you But I'm sure somewhere the truth you knew Our friendship remained strong I was afraid to jinx it But without telling you how I feel I was dying inside bit by bit I wondered why you didn't say anything At times I felt you love me too But how could I be sure of it What if it was too good to be true I couldn't hold it in anymore It was too much for me to bear But when I saw your happy face I knew that we were al

Who's The Boss?

Image Source Remember how this ad created such a furor in our country, where a woman is shown to be the boss while her husband is her subordinate. A lot was spoken and many people trashed this ad by calling the woman different terms. Yesterday's newspaper spoke about how being a housewife is such a thankless job. A certain court even ruled that the monthly salary for a housewife is equivalent to around Rs. 5000. Five thousand for an entire day's work for thirty days? Talk about being frugal. Rs. 5000 is something that youngsters spend in a weekend now. Be it at a party or shopping. Rs. 5000 doesn't guarantee a stay in a decent place. When was the last time you heard about a one BHK being available for rent at Rs. 5000? Yes, never! Rs. 5000 is something a woman spends just for an hour's session at the parlor for waxing, a facial and a haircut. And this is expected to be the salary of a home maker? A slow salute to that judge who declared this. If a woman is

My AND Story

Image Source In life all of us have to make choices. All of us are expected to choose what is good for us and what we can do. And this has nothing to do with that the fact that the person is a man or a woman. Its not that only women have to make choices and men can have it all, men have to make choices and compromises too. But more often than not a woman is expected to make choices, and let the man have his way. People expect women to be born with that compromising attitude and if she does not have it in her, then she is not a good lady. She is considered selfish and arrogant. Who decides that women have to make compromises? If society's rule book dictates these terms then I am proud to not adhere to it and stand out. Why are we all letting go of what we want to do and following something that does not make sense in the first place. Isn't that the biggest form of compromise that we all are making. And that too by lying to ourselves. It is definitely not worth it. Wo

Nothing But Love

Image Source I know that you are the mighty princess and I am the stable boy, and yet my heart doesn't stop beating for you. Its not your beauty that captured me, but that innocent and loving heart of yours. Today, you are ready to elope with me in the quest of a happily ever after. But my mind and heart is filled with questions, as I have nothing to offer you; except love .  And then your eyes assure me that it is more than enough. This five sentence fiction is written for the topic 'Offering' at Lillie McFerrin Writes .

All That I Am

I am me, just let me be. I am the younger of the two daughters born to my parents. Apparently when I was born, my grandparents cursed my parents for giving birth to yet another girl child. Everyone looked down upon my folks for having two daughters, wondering how will they get us married. Today both my sister and I are in very good positions at reputed companies and taking care of our parents very well. The same people are now forced to eat their own words. Being a woman has never held me back from doing anything that I wanted to do. And by anything, I mean everything. I refuse to be labelled as the weaker sex. We live in a country where we are forced to use words like equality and feminist. Suddenly 'feminist' is a bad word and any woman who calls herself one is labelled as bold. Every one has a right to stand up for themselves. This applies to both men and women. I have lived all my life being proud of the fact that I am a woman and it definitely takes more than one w

Settle Down Quikr #QuikrBLR

Image Source A dear friend of mine is soon going to be relocating from Hyderabad to Bangalore and I'm thrilled. I visited Hyderabad last year and I found it to be a very beautiful city. I stayed in Banjara Hills, one of the most poshest residential areas of Hyderabad and the place was excellent. And so was the weather. We visited during July and the weather was uber pleasant. It reminded me of Bangalore in more ways than one. So I want to make sure that my friend doesn't miss her city much when she moves here. I'm sure no city holds a candle to Bangalore. For me, without a doubt Bangalore is the best place to live in. This city has everything that one could need and experience. And I will do everything I can to make my friend's stay here as smooth and comfortable as possible. She is shifting here for a year or two, so, everything needs to be sorted for her as quick as possible. She would be staying with me until she settles down, and she needs everything for h

Standing Proud & Tall

Photo by Elene Usdin I shall wear anything that I want My clothes don't determine if I rise or fall My hard work shall speak for itself I'm a woman standing proud and tall I'm not lesser than any man In our statures there is no big or small I'm not weak in any form I'm a woman standing proud and tall Cooking, cleaning and the household chores Why does a woman have to do it all I was not born to please a man I'm a woman standing proud and tall I can travel alone around the word From a man I do not need the NOC call I own my mind and can make decisions I'm a woman standing proud and tall I can be the leader in every field I'm not just a vain beautified doll I do not mind getting my hands dirty I'm a woman standing proud and tall I have the right to think and choose In my court shall be present the ball  I shall not bow down to the bias I'm a woman standing proud and tall I have the


Image Source Some days ago there was this interesting article in the newspaper about wedding gifts. The article spoke about how couples these days mention " No Gifts Please " on their wedding cards and how there are some typical wedding gifts that offer no use whatsoever. I was reminded of my wedding gifts on reading that and how I had planned to write about it. It has been almost two years since my wedding now and yet some gifts come back to haunt me every now and then. A wedding is a very personal affair, but mine was anything but that. Almost half the crowd of Bangalore was invited to my wedding and before I could realize, there was a huge pile of gifts wrapped in shining paper piled all around the house. I always feel that it is better to ask the couple what they want as a gift and then get it for them. If you are not close to the couple, then it is always better to gift cash instead of some tacky show piece. Even hundred bucks is fine as long as it can be used. T

The Other Woman

Image Source Suraj dressed up as quickly as he could. He looked around the room for his pants which were now tossed across the room. Shipra lay spread out naked on the bed, with the satin golden bed sheet wrapped around her haphazardly. How much he loved her body. She did miraculous things to him and he was thrilled to have had a piece of her. Having met her at a social gathering, he had fallen deeply in lust for her. And unfortunately for her, she had fallen in love with him. Once he was done, he walked up to her and kissed her passionately. “ I’ll see you tonight then ?” She asks cupping his face. “ No, this is it. I’m not coming back .” He picks up his bag. She jumps out of the bed startled, totally oblivious of her naked frame. Suraj admires her body yet again. It had been more than a year since he owned every bit of her, and yet he wanted more. But his wretched wife had come to know about his affair and was threatening to leave him. It would not do well to his image in

Fresh Love

© Copyright Jean L. Hays Today is the first day of the year and I'm up with the sun all set for my morning walk. I slowly walk along the road, basking in the mild heat and hoping for a fresh start to the year. Just as I reached the cross road, I saw someone walking in the opposite direction and talking continuously on the phone. Tall, dark and handsome, he was sweating profusely and yet managed to look breathtakingly handsome. He gave me a quick look and a smile escaped his lips; and there it was, the first glimpse of my first love story. This five sentence fiction is written for the topic 'Fresh' at Lillie McFerrin Writes . This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 9th January 2015 .

Call Me Hope

Image Source When things begin to look bleak Just hang on to my string I'm not sure if it will help But solace I shall surely bring I do not want to hurt you But I cannot get you to the end I'm just a companion along the way Only a helping hand I can lend Do not expect me to do the work I don't know what has to be done I shall give you the strength for it Both of us will just look like one I'm invisible, but I see you Plagued by discourage and pain I cannot promise you happiness But your journey will not go in vain From this, something else you shall learn Just do not give up on life Hang on with all your strength I'm with you through your strife Do not depend on me completely I might not be able to give you all The only thing I can do is Support you a little before you fall In that support you need to trust In the results I have no say Just believe that I exist somewhere I'm equivalent to

Action Replay - December & 2014

Image Source December has been a wonderful and eventful month. I got almost all of my work done and my writing too picked up pace with about eighteen posts this month. Well, I am happy. December gave me a good pay hike as well as extra income with my writing. Plus I finally won a contest on Indiblogger and that too the grand prize. The prize was an all expense paid trip to Kochi to attend the Nissan Safety Driving Forum and a Kindle paper white. Sadly, I could not attend the event hence I had to pass the offer to go to Kochi. But I will be receiving my Kindle soon. Of late I have seen a lot of Facebook updates where hardcore book lovers have fallen head over heels in love with the Kindle. I was against it and always thought that nothing can replace the concept of a good bulky book in my hand. But ever since I installed the Kindle app on my iPad, I am hooked to it! I love the ease and the feel of reading remains the same. I love the fresh bright font and the fact that it does