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It was love at first sight
It would happen, I had no clue
I remember you walking down the road
With a flowing dress in powdered blue

I was scared to approach you
But in my heart, you were mine
Watching you gave me immense peace
You were my ray of sunshine

Days passed but my tongue was tied
Then you walked up to me with a smile
Hearing you speak drove my crazy
Wondering why I was quiet all this while

I knew I was just a friend
By my love for you only grew
I did not say anything to you
But I'm sure somewhere the truth you knew

Our friendship remained strong
I was afraid to jinx it
But without telling you how I feel
I was dying inside bit by bit

I wondered why you didn't say anything
At times I felt you love me too
But how could I be sure of it
What if it was too good to be true

I couldn't hold it in anymore
It was too much for me to bear
But when I saw your happy face
I knew that we were already a pair

Thank you for coming into my life
And painting love in every hue
You helped me grow wings to fly
Coloring my life a happy blue


  1. Ah, you took the color blue and turned it into a spectrum of hues with your words. Loved it!

  2. Aaawwww.... Thats so true to my life! Some things need not be told, we just know ;-)

  3. Well, it was good to see a happy ending and not a blue one! :)

  4. "Thank you for coming into my life And painting love in every hue" is my favourite line. It is so fluid and vibrant :) A very feel good poem.


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