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Call Me Hope

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When things begin to look bleak
Just hang on to my string
I'm not sure if it will help
But solace I shall surely bring

I do not want to hurt you
But I cannot get you to the end
I'm just a companion along the way
Only a helping hand I can lend

Do not expect me to do the work
I don't know what has to be done
I shall give you the strength for it
Both of us will just look like one

I'm invisible, but I see you
Plagued by discourage and pain
I cannot promise you happiness
But your journey will not go in vain

From this, something else you shall learn
Just do not give up on life
Hang on with all your strength
I'm with you through your strife

Do not depend on me completely
I might not be able to give you all
The only thing I can do is
Support you a little before you fall

In that support you need to trust
In the results I have no say
Just believe that I exist somewhere
I'm equivalent to the God you pray

I shall not give up on you
Even when things are out of scope
You should hold on to me too
I'm your friend and you can call me hope


  1. You should hold on to me too
    I'm your friend and you can call me hope :)

    Village Girl

  2. Looks like you have done a thorough search within yourself, how else would you write such awesome verses? :) Brilliant!

  3. And hope is such a dangerous thing, Soumya. It has the ability to both complete and shatter us as well. Only time will tell what it intended to do with us.


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