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Cut The Call #QuikrNXT

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My house resembles a junk yard at present as my husband and I are moving out to a place of our own next week. All the items that we need to take to our new place is all packed and ready. We bought a whole lot of items too, like furniture, kitchen essentials, curtains and a lot of other things. As we piled on new items, we were left with a pile of items that we did not want to take to our new place. But what do we do with those items we thought. We initially thought of giving it all away to the maid, but she refused to take them as her house was already full. And then we decided to sell it off on Quikr. Since we had changed our phones a month ago, both our old Nokia Lumia phones were sitting simply at home. We put that up for sale first. The response we got was humongous. Within an hour we received more than twenty calls. We were delighted at first, thinking that it would be easy to sell off all our stuff. So armed with a camera, we took photos of the old sofa, the old book rack, old shoe rack and put it all up on Quikr. The calls were almost instant this time and I was sure that we could sell off all our stuff as soon as possible. But then, the nightmare begin.

We were bombarded with calls. Early morning we were woken up to these calls and then they continued throughout work and the evening. It became so annoying that I thought we should just remove all these items from the site. But we had no use of these items and we did not want to throw it away. A caller would call and ask to see the item, after he sees it, he would bargain. And then if we disagree, he would just leave. It was costing us a lot by calling them back and guiding them to our house just so that they could come and take a look at the item. It was getting tedious and everyone at home were getting disturbed. And then Quikr Nxt happened and that was one of the best things to happen to us.

With Quikr Nxt, the buyers and sellers can connect instantly with each other through chat across Quikr's site and the mobile app. There is no need for a phone conversation at all. 

Here are three reasons why I think that a chat is better than a phone call.

1. Privacy

Putting up ones phone number on the Quikr site to sell an item is natural, but what follows it, is something that no one would guess. You get non stop calls from buyers wanting to buy the item but not all of it materialise. A hundred people just call to bargain and waste your time. The Quikr Nxt feature allows your number to be kept private and having conversations only via chat. This gives you the freedom to reply at your own will and will also avoid unwanted people from contacting you. I had mentioned my name and number for a phone and I started getting calls from sleazy men asking about what all the phone comes with. I was so annoyed that I had to change the number to my husband's immediately. This feature of Quikr Nxt receives a huge thumbs up from me just for the privacy it offers.

2. Photo Sharing

Most of the buyers who want to buy something would want to take a look at the product first. But most of the time the photos on the site or the app will not be clear and will also not be from the desired angle. Quikr Nxt enables you to embed photos in your chat so that the buyer can take a look at the item from any angle he/she wants. There is nothing hidden then. The same photos can be shared with different buyers and the seller can chat with the buyers from anywhere and still share the pictures. This saves a lot of time for both the buyer and the seller as they do have to travel from one place to another just to check out the product. Photos can be easily shared via chat and this helps making decisions quikr.

3. Saving The Conversation

Quikr Nxt allows you to save the chat history so that you know what you have spoken to each buyer. You do not have to remember everything. Every bargain, every buyers name and number would be now saved as part of the history enabling it to be retrieved at any time. This cuts down all the additional pressures on you as you can sit back, go through the conversations and then decide the best buyer for your product.

This zero phone call feature of Quikr Nxt is all set to transform the online classifieds market
 by making buying and selling an easy task through chats. Quikr is all set to rise higher through this.

This post is written as an entry for Indi Happy Hours -  Get Quikr NXT! activity in association with Indiblogger and Quikr.


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