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My Two Cents On Feminism

Image Source Over the past few weeks a lot has been said and done in the name of feminism, that is so not right. I am a proud feminist and will be one until the day I die. But that doesn't mean that I am into male bashing and fight over petty issues. First of all it is sad that we live in a world where feminism is a bad word. The chauvinistic world of ours made it feel so. Had the people of the world not been so chauvinistic, then feminism would have been just another word. Now that feminism is a word that everybody knows about, it is very important to understand the meaning of it. Feminism is about equality. Between men and women. Nothing else. Period. Speaking of period, when this in-appropriate pic was doing the rounds on Instagram, many women came forward with applause as to what a brave move it was. I honestly was disgusted by that image. Why do you think that I have only provided a link to that image here and not put it up instead? Menstruation is a normal process an

A Common Place For The Common Man #DigitalIndia

Image Source When a tea seller made his way to the highest seat of the country, like billions of people I rejoiced too. Having only seen promises all these years and never seen them getting fulfilled, I thought that the new Prime Minister would bring a change in a good way. If not everything, atleast something would change was the hope. The reason I voted for Narendra Damodardas Modi was that he has the right vision for the country. He has held on his cultural middle class roots and yet embraced technology and is so wonderful at it. His PR team is the most enthusiastic team ever and I love to see the tweets they churn out every second. It did not happen during the Congress reign. Let us face it, boon or bane, we are a slave to technology. If there is one place that everyone is present, then it has to be the online world. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has found his way out here and is making the most of it. And I'm glad that the head office of the country is encouraging this as we

It Is Important To Make Mistakes

Image Source The above image is my cover photo on Facebook. I found this image by chance actually and when I saw it I knew how true it held for me. We all make mistakes ofcourse, but how many of us actually sit back, analyse them and take away a learning? I did not too, until a while ago. But now I cannot imagine myself as a person, without those mistakes. Mistakes are not rejections, they are lessons. You need to be self critical and very mature to accept it and takeaway the true meaning of it. If you are blinded by ego, then well you will never realize that it was a mistake in the first place. Introspection and retrospection is really important in life. To grow and to understand the importance of situations in life. Of course a mistake doesn't start of being well, a mistake. It is a normal activity or emotion that goes wrong somewhere due to various reasons. How you look at it is the key here. If you just want to forget it and move on, then it is a choice that you have to

Two To Tango #OOTD

Image Source On 22nd March, Cal and I celebrated our second year wedding anniversary. I still remember scheduling the post for our first anniversary last year and now our second anniversary passed by too. It is true when they say that times flies when you are doing something that you love and with the person you love. Cal and I have been together for over four years now and have been married for two. Nothing has changed since the first day and that is what I think is the secret of our marriage. There still is the same amount of passion, love, respect and everything else that we first came with. After marriage he did not expect me to become something else and nor did I expect him to change. I still am his lover and his best friend. The wife only comes later. I got married when I was twenty six. Fairly young in my own standards as I wanted to get married only by thirty. But when I knew that the person is right, I did not find any reason to wait and I'm so glad I decided to ju

A Foodie's Paradise #FarMoreSingapore

Image Source The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear Singapore is Merlion, the creature with a lion head and a body of a fish. The second thing that comes to my mind is the Singapore Sling, the national drink of Singapore. New York has its Manhattan, Moscow its Mule and Long Island its Iced Tea. Formulated at the turn of the century, the Singapore Sling was initially called the Straits Sling, and was created as a lady’s cocktail, hence its pinkish tone. I have a friend living in Singapore and she had raved about this drink. It consists of gin, cherry liqueur, benedictine, pomegranate juice and pineapple juice from sarawak pineapples, to create the foamy top. This classic cocktail is expected to give a pleasant high and taste delicious. When I visit Singapore, this is the first thing that I would try. In Singapore, food is viewed as crucial to the national identity and is a unifying cultural thread. Unknown to many, Singapore is a food haven with a huge variety of cuisin

Masterchef Guptaji #KelloggsWaleGuptaji

When my husband and I started a page called ' Live To Eat ' on Facebook we knew exactly what we were doing. We are both foodies and would go to any lengths for a good meal. We have travelled to different ends of the city to try out some food that we have heard about. Food is something that binds us together and almost all of our conversations revolve around food. Thankfully for me, I love cooking and I think that it is the purest form of love. I love cooking new dishes for my husband and serving him tasty food. It is really important to me that my husband gets to eat freshly prepared home food everyday. I'm not very fussy about food. But the one thing that I'm particular is about eating only fresh cooked food. I do not like eating or serving left overs. Infact I do not even repeat the lunch menu for dinner. Everything is made fresh and eaten hot. I'm proud of myself for being able to do this everyday inspite of handling a regular job. Since I cook lunch everyd

A to Z Challenge 2015 - Theme Reveal

Image Source I still remember the first day of this challenge last year. I had an empty notepad staring at me to write something staring with A. And before I knew it the day had come to start a post with the letter Z. April 2014 was one of the best and one of the most difficult months of my life in terms of my writing. Writing continuously everyday, and trying to post on time; it was one hell of a tedious task but the experience was worth it! I met so many wonderful bloggers during this journey and got to read so many beautiful posts. We bloggers bonded over the stress and motivated each other to write everyday. The motivation helped me to push myself and write posts everyday inspite of being full time at work. Ah, what a journey it has been. I was not too sure about signing up for it this year though. I thought about if for a good three days wondering what to do. The workload at office has piled on and I have my feet and hands in way too many buckets already. Although I try

Unknown Jungle

Image Source She walks into a strange house With nothing but dreams in her eyes Uncertainty hovers over her But she still has to pay the price Be it love, forced or arranged The journey would always be the same She gives up all that she had Losing everything, even her name There is no familiar face around Just a hint of vermilion on her head No one offers to ease her tension They expect her to blend instead The house seems empty at first Since she is away from her comfort zone With baby steps she needs to tread Needs to embrace everything on her own No matter how comfortable the place looks She needs to think twice before doing anything Suddenly her freedom ceases to exist Her new family has now become her king People stare at her with every breath Waiting for her to go wrong somewhere Its almost like they are looking to find fault Every wall seems to scream out beware It all depends on herself Will she survive the t

Sharing Is Caring #WashBucketChallenge

My husband was more than happy to take up this challenge. One of the most common terms used for a woman is that of a home maker. This is inspite of her having a regular job. A woman is expected to have been born with the multitasking skills of doing everything perfectly and at the same time. Every mother-in-law expects her newly wed daughter-in-law to be hands on with all the chores at home. What happens in office is none of her business. Such women even bring up their sons the same way. Like that of kings who do not have to lift their fingers all their lives. All that is expected of them is to go to office and earn money. They are not called the bread winner for no reason right? Nobody likes to eat plain bread. Who prepares the soup to go with the bread, who butters it and who pops it into the toaster? There is no need to mention the person who does all this. Why bother about what happens to the bread once the winner has done his duty. Thankfully I am blessed with a wonderful

Movie Review: NH10

Image Source Cast: Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam, Darshan Kumar, Deepti Navel Direction: Navdeep Singh Genre: Crime/Mystery/Drama Duration: 1 hour 55 minutes I went to watch this movie with zero expectations. It had been more than three months since we saw a movie and we were in need of a desperate break from work, so my husband and I went to watch this one last night. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Anushka Sharma but since I had heard some good reviews about this movie I decided to go for it. NH10 also marks the debut movie of Anushka as a producer. Which is surprising because you do not expect a main stream commercial actress to produce or act in a movie like this. This is in no way a masala entertainer. The movie is bloody and gory. Exactly why it has an A certificate. A welcome burst of fresh energy from all the other typical commercial blockbusters until now. NH10 starts with a night view of Gurgaon, the newest IT hub. Meera (Anushka) and her husband Arjun

Looking Back

Image Source I have had my share of ups and downs Life has mocked me many a time I was handed pieces of words But somehow I managed to make it rhyme As I tried to solve a puzzle Some pieces refused to fit It was all in my own hands How I wanted to handle it I polished a few and threw some away I made a picture of my own Every turbulent phase of life I managed to survive alone People mocked and pointed fingers I ignored them and moved on In this manipulative world of ours I refused to be any one's pawn I set and defined my own rules My mantra was, my life my way For every decision and choice I'm the only one who had a say It sure was not simple and pleasant But nothing feels good if it is easy Life at times made me feel so awesome And at times it made me feel queasy But I never gave up on anything I rose every time I was pushed down I fought my way up the ladder In pressures I did not drown I have no r

Check Me Out

Today as I was getting ready for work, I looked into my closet and saw the abundance of checkered shirts that I have. Red, blue, white, green and in almost every other color. My obsession with checks started when I was a child. I was the girl who liked geometric prints when compared to floral. I was the girl who liked sneakers instead of heels. I was the girl who liked to wear shorts instead of skirts. I would wear a pair of jeans, some old T-shirt and throw a checkered shirt on top of it. With my sneakers firmly on my feet, I was all set to paint the town red. There is something extremely comfortable about a checkered shirt. It can be worn in more ways than one and it adds a casual look to the entire outfit. You can wear it with sneakers, heels, flats, ballerinas or boots and still look effortlessly stylish. While checks look good in every color, it is the red one that stands out! These shirts are so versatile and so chic that it is a must have in every woman's closet.

A Walk To Remember

Image Source Today on this cold evening Let us get lost in each other Forget the world and its foibles Holding hands, let us walk together Look around at the world Everything is so beautiful Your loves does that to me Being with you makes life fruitful Looking at us, the sky smiles Bestowing upon me its grace I feel the chill down my spine As you hold me in an embrace Happiness was only a word Until you showed me its meaning All the bad was just washed away With your wonderful forms of healing Let us celebrate everything today Life, love, togetherness and joy They say it comes in many ways But my happiness came in the form of a boy Let us paint the city red With our love and madness We don't have to worry about getting lost In your heart, lies my address Today I can walk all night Your love makes me feel strong The mild wind is calling out to me With you I can walk all night long Let us make a mark on thi

Together Forever #together

Image Source Life takes its own course we know. It just moves forward in a sinusoidal wave sprinkling us with ups and downs and other perks in between. I for one have had one hell of an adventurous life. The course of my life has had more twists than the most scariest roller coaster in the world. Be it lost friendships, heartbreaks, professional lows and what not. But the Lioness in me survived all of it. Being independent does that to you. It makes you fierce and you want to sort out everything for yourself. You preach about how independent you are and how that gave you the strength to surpass every negative phase in life. Well to a certain extent it sure does. I'm a stubborn person who doesn't want help from anybody and strangely until now I have managed to get past everything just by myself. But the problem of being a strong person is that people know that you shall do it all, without any help. They also know that you will not go weak. But when you do, there is no one

India's Daughter

Image Source I shall wear whatever I want That's not an invite for you to touch me I'm a woman just living her life Why is it so hard to just let me be I am not just curves and breasts I have a heart and feelings too I'm a human being just like you But of course this you don't think through My lifestyle doesn't define my character I am free to do whatever I like I can wear shorts and crop tops Get tattoos and even ride a bike I can drink as much as I want to That doesn't mean I'm an easy target Stay away you lecherous moron Your morals you do not forget I have had enough of this torment I'm not going to succumb to your fear I am Durga and I am Kali I shall fight you with my sword and spear I will tear apart that hand of yours If you try to lay it on my body Nothing about me is wrong or bad It is your upbringing that is shoddy India has forgotten about me I shall remind them after your