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Looking Back

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I have had my share of ups and downs
Life has mocked me many a time
I was handed pieces of words
But somehow I managed to make it rhyme

As I tried to solve a puzzle
Some pieces refused to fit
It was all in my own hands
How I wanted to handle it

I polished a few and threw some away
I made a picture of my own
Every turbulent phase of life
I managed to survive alone

People mocked and pointed fingers
I ignored them and moved on
In this manipulative world of ours
I refused to be any one's pawn

I set and defined my own rules
My mantra was, my life my way
For every decision and choice
I'm the only one who had a say

It sure was not simple and pleasant
But nothing feels good if it is easy
Life at times made me feel so awesome
And at times it made me feel queasy

But I never gave up on anything
I rose every time I was pushed down
I fought my way up the ladder
In pressures I did not drown

I have no regrets about anything
These lessons have only made me stronger
It was very easy to give up on quit
But I'm glad I held on for longer

It has been a wonderful journey
I have loved every road and every mile
Today as I look back at life
I can only feel thankful and smile

Linking to Poetry Jam.


  1. nicely expressed.. liked it.. :)

  2. If you can look back and smile, that says a lot about how wonderful the experience has been :)

  3. I love this aura of strength around every word....great lines..

  4. What a positive philosophy of life. How lucky you are to look back with no regrets--thanks for posting this at Poetry Jam.

  5. This could be my poem too...loved it Soumya! :) It's like sticking your middle finger up to all those who questioned and doubted and judged you.

    1. I'm glad you could relate to it :)

      And hell yeah :D

  6. A spirited one....Awesomely put!

  7. Loved the poem, Soumya. :) It's an absolute inspiration !

  8. Very positive tone and thoughts. I like the idea that your past has made you stronger.

  9. You posted at Poetry Jam and got some comments.... Granted, you didn't share my comment as it questioned how your poem related to PJ. Sigh. But I do hope that you will comment on other Poetry Jam posters, who ALSO enjoy comments as much as you do. Fair is fair?

    1. Hi Mary, I'm not too sure what comment you are talking about. I publish every comment that comes to me and these are the ones that did. Please comment again if I have missed anything.

  10. Hope you will visit other posters in Poetry Jam as well. Thanks.

  11. a very strong spirit expressed in your approach to live; i too believe in looking back without regret

    much love...

  12. Content feeling looking at past is so assuring. Well written Soumya.

  13. Your poems are always thought provoking and inspiring! Well written Soumya :)


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