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Sharing Is Caring #WashBucketChallenge

My husband was more than happy to take up this challenge.

One of the most common terms used for a woman is that of a home maker. This is inspite of her having a regular job. A woman is expected to have been born with the multitasking skills of doing everything perfectly and at the same time. Every mother-in-law expects her newly wed daughter-in-law to be hands on with all the chores at home. What happens in office is none of her business. Such women even bring up their sons the same way. Like that of kings who do not have to lift their fingers all their lives. All that is expected of them is to go to office and earn money. They are not called the bread winner for no reason right? Nobody likes to eat plain bread. Who prepares the soup to go with the bread, who butters it and who pops it into the toaster? There is no need to mention the person who does all this. Why bother about what happens to the bread once the winner has done his duty.

Thankfully I am blessed with a wonderful husband who understands the pressures of the working woman. He doesn't expect me to wake up early everyday and cook for him. He doesn't expect me to iron his clothes and keep it ready for him. He doesn't expect me to wash the dishes and the clothes and keep the house spic and span. Even if he had expected it, there was no way I would have done it. My parents did not raise me to become a maid somewhere. They taught me to be independent and strong. And I'm so glad that my husband knows and understands this. He doesn't expect me to do the chores and nor do I. And yet this has never been a concern among us. Why? Because we do all the things together and without complaining. Infact we enjoy doing all the chores together, as we get to spend some extra time with each other and we talk about all the things that revolve around us. These times are magical as the work gets done and you feel loved and awesome too.

The reason I signed up for the #WashBucketChallenge is that I wanted to tell people that it is not only a woman who makes the house. It is the man and the woman together who build a house step by step with love, respect and mutual understanding. No one is the king or the queen here. It is a common kingdom that needs to be taken care of. Sharing is the basis of every relationship. First we share a conversation, then we share a friendship, then we share the love and soon we share a life. It doesn't stop at that. Sharing needs to be extended to all the things that form a part of the life too. Be it cooking, cleaning, washing or anything else. Just because you are a man doesn't mean that you are not allowed to touch the washing machine or the kitchen sink. A true man is the one who stands by his wife's side and assists her in her chores. If she is busy with a task, there is no harm in the man taking up the other task.

I'm glad to have found a partner who is a companion in every true sense of the word. The #WashBucketChallenge was a wonderful experience for both of us. We were proud to be a part of the list of couples who have taken up this challenge. I have seen so many men come forward to support their wives/girlfriends/sisters and mothers. This movement is just a beginning in the chapter of men handling household chores. We still have a long way to go before everyone sees the logic behind it and understands it, before harassing the woman whose husband is helping her wash the clothes. Some people take no time to point a finger at the woman and blame her for letting her husband do the chores. After all a husband is considered to be God right? But why do we need God in the first place? To help us get past things and assist us in our day to day endeavours right? Then technically shouldn't the husband be doing the same as well?

The #WashBucketChallenge is an eye opener to all the men and a section of the women in the world. They need to know that a woman's place is not in the kitchen alone and a man's place is not the office. They needs to interchanged at times as well to lead a happy and healthy life. Sharing is caring and it needs to be practised throughout the course of life. Be it at any point of time and be it for any chore. I'm proud of Ariel for bringing this out to the world and encouraging every man to take up this challenge. It is not easy for a woman to do everything in life just like how it is not easy for a man to do everything. If both of them hold each others hands and help each other by sharing the load of work then no task is difficult or tedious. Share the load and share the love. Nothing else matters.

This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at is association with Ariel India.


  1. True..sharing the load is the way forward..on a different note what would we do without washing machines! I even wash single cloth at times in it, I'm so much dependent on it...

    1. I know! Me too. Although I prefer my hand wash my whites. The machine doesn't get them sparkling white :D

  2. True, when we share the life and the love, why don't we share the chores ? I'm in full agreement to every word you've written, and we need to make the best of the partnership we share ! ( I don't allow my hus to do much, because the one or two times I tried, he doubled the work for me :D But he does help me with things he can manage :D :D )

    P.S : Check your mail. Had mailed you some days back :D

  3. It is so true that women cannot handle everything alone and why should they? They are the bread winners too! Lucky you are to have found someone who understands youl :) All the best for the contest!

  4. I'm so glad that I have a guy who helps me in all the work at home. There are a lot of men who think that a woman's place is in the kitchen working her ass off! More power to our men :)

  5. u r lucky to have such an understanding and loving hubby!

    I loved the post and this like-
    'My parents did not raise me to become a maid somewhere.' I think is the ultimate! very true :)

  6. u r lucky to have such an understanding and loving hubby!

    I loved the post and this line-
    'My parents did not raise me to become a maid somewhere.' I think is ultimate! very true :)


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