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Adam's Apple

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Adam was not in a very good mood
He had just had an argument with Eve
It did not occur to him that she was troubled
All she needed was one day's leave

He saw her weeping in the corner
His love for her melted his heart
He walked towards her to sort things out
Someone sure had to make the start

Eve began to pour her heart out
She was tired of all the household chores
She had to cook, clean and do the laundry
Along with scrubbing the doors and floors

The words then tugged Adam's soul
How had he not understood this
Eve was his love and not his maid
How had he given this a miss

From the next day he followed her around
Assisting her in doing everything
Eve began to smile day after day
Her husband was normal and not the king

This gave Eve the time to look after herself
She began to look more good day after day
Adam was now a very happy man
He was glad he heard what Eve had to say

Eve began showering more love on him
A caring husband was all that she wanted
When he tried to dominate over her
All she felt was painfully daunted

Love began to bloom more and more
Both of them had ample time to spare
With the chores being shared by both
They enjoyed the skies and the fresh air

Soon it was time for the junior to arrive
He came out one bright sunny day
Adam was determined to teach his son the lesson
Of how women are not maids without pay

Junior Adam grew up watching his dad
He too learnt how to respect a woman
He assisted his mother in tiny things
He wanted to grow up to be a gentleman

Since he started at a very young age
He assisted his wife soon after she came in
He loved, understood and helped her always
Doing laundry, cleaning and taking out the bin

The next generations followed this too
Adam and Eve were happier than ever
The world was now a wonderful place
Thanks to the chauvinistic apple that Adam ate never

I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.


  1. interesting poem for this activity. love it. :)

    A Rat's Nibble

  2. You are eve and cal is Adam.
    now you get to blog and take me time
    now yo. Smile more and in turn cal smiles too

  3. "The world was now a wonderful place" Share the load and he world will be a wonderful place for everyone. Good one, Soumya.

  4. Ha ha such a perfect world that is Soumya. If only that would have happened.

  5. I love this story. True love comes alive when we seek to search for the real us. I am smiling:)

  6. Nice poem. Pity not everyone follows this. My hubby does I hasten to add.

    1. Thanks Jo. I hope everyone follow this someday.

  7. What a lovely way to share such an important message. Great one!

  8. Wah wah!! Teaching our sons to be how they should be...thats the real responsibility of a parent! Nice!!

  9. Great way to go about this topic - Teach men to treat women better, early!


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