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Fashion First

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It is pouring cats and dogs outside and Neha wants to go shopping for some summer clothes that she needs to carry on her vacation to Miami. Her flight is in five days and she has not even begun packing yet. This would have been a panic inducing situation around five years ago. But now Neha knows that she does not have to worry at all. She has a personal assistant who does the shopping for her. She shows Neha the various styles of summer clothing, helps her make her choice and brings it to her. And Neha did not have to leave the comforts of her home even for a while. Once the clothes came in, Neha tried it out. She kept the clothes that looked and fit right. And the ones she was not comfortable with, she returned. The assistant took back the clothes without any hassle and refunded her amount too.

If you are thinking this is an inhumane act where one person enslaves the other to get their work done, then you are absolutely wrong. The personal assistant here is present in the palm of the user. The phone. With technology being the front runner in every field, why not in fashion? Soon, the personal assistant would be modified to show virtual images of you trying on the clothes and various other accessories. Technology has changed the game for everyone these days. And everyone is winning. From appliances to vegetables, from clothes to medicines; everything has found its way to an app these days. The future is now held by every one of us. Move over online shopping, now is the time for app only shopping. From anywhere and anytime.

Aditya is stuck in a boring traffic jam and has nothing to do. He is not carrying his favorite book with him either. To pass some time, he visit a shopping app on this phone and is left impressed by the deals they are offering. Without thinking twice, he shops for a pair of pants, two pairs of shoes and a couple of shirts. That too from a local bus that is stuck in the middle of nowhere. Menaka is at a meeting in office and yet her mind is only on her daughter's birthday party the next day. She had plans to shop for her birthday dress on the way back home and now it looks like she has some explaining to do. Thanks to futuristic shopping, she can now buy the things she needs using an app on her phone. Using the next day delivery feature, the dress is delivered for her daughter just on time.

This is an initiative to make shopping for fashion and other things more easier than it already was. And boy, it sure is working! A phone is something that we all never leave home without. Thanks to fashion apps now being available on the phone, it is simple for people to just check and place an order at anytime of the day. It can be during a long commute or a boring lecture. Walking around with a laptop and connecting to the Internet gets tedious at public places. But with a phone, it gets simpler. The consumer has all the options within the palm of his/her hand and it doesn't take long for them to make their choice and finish their shopping. There are many fashion stores that have now taken over the app world.

Fashion apps are every one's best friends. You can check the latest trends and pick the ones you love. Now it is easier for all of us to put fashion first and get it done with soon. It does not take much time and the accessibility is really high. Thanks to the technology boom, almost everything has got simpler. And this is the time for us to bask in it and let our phone do the work for us. The fashion scene moved online some time ago, but clearly the future of fashion is more likely to stay app only. Fashion biggies, such as Myntra, is just a touch away from consumers. Accessibility anywhere, anytime is the main agenda and these apps help us achieve that seamlessly. There is no need to worry about long billing lines or connectivity anymore. Fashion is now available with you all the time.


  1. Don't have that kind of phone as hubby not tech savvy. I have never been one for fashion anyway. I buy clothes because I have to and hate shopping for them. Probably a hangover from my mother dragging me from store to store to store to find something right at the right price. OK, today we could do it by phone but.....

    1. Hahaha, quite a memory that must have been.

  2. My hubby is soo soo tech savvy..I sometimes hate it !
    Great post.. thanks for sharing !

    South Asian Women

  3. nice read. interesting writeup! :)

    A Rat's Nibble


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