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Tap The Impulse #ItsPersonal

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Scenario 1: I'm stuck in a government office, waiting to get my passport renewed. And the government being the government, I'm given a token with the number 186 on it and am directed to a long line that is swirling around the office like a snake. Since this is my third attempt on getting my passport renewed, I decide to make it my last and join the line. A few others join immediately behind me giving me momentary solace that I'm not the last one in the line. It is going to take a long time, so what do I do?

I obviously cannot open my laptop and start surfing something while I am standing in a line with my elbows sandwiched between two others. And wearing ear/headphones and listening to music and looking like a jackass is not my cup of tea either. So what other option do I have? Reading may be. But I cannot concentrate with so much noise around. So I stick to the safest bet ever. To look through my phone. Since I have unlimited 3G, there is no compromise on my surfing atleast. I'm not the one to play games on the phone. So after mandatory checking of mail, Facebook and Twitter the other things that I like to check out are the online shopping apps. Even without an intention of buying, I look through the apps just to see what is trending on the fashion scene. And in case I like something, I buy it. I know it is on impulse, but if you are getting something worthy, why not?

Scenario 2: I'm travelling back home from office and I'm stuck in one of the deadliest traffic jams of Bangalore. The other folks in my cab are busy glued on to their phones listening to music or talking to their better halves. So, what do I do?

I try my best to make small talk with the driver, but he doesn't seem very interested either. So I spend my time by admiring the chaos of Bangalore. Suddenly a woman catches my eye. I look at her dress and immediately fall in love with it. I pull out my phone and start surfing through online shopping apps to find a similar one. I find many variants, look for one with the best price and place an order. Getting back home after what felt like an eternity in the jam, atleast I am happy that I got a pretty dress for myself. It all happened in an instant. Almost like love at first sight. But I know that this love will last for ever.

Scenario 3: A sudden office party is announced for the weekend and me being a tomboy only have jeans and shirts in my wardrobe. Since the party is two days away and thanks to the impromptu rains of the city I cannot even plan a shopping spree for myself. So what do I do?

While my friends are busy discussing about what all they can wear to the party, I start looking through the shopping app on my phone. Since I work for a secure client, Internet access is not allowed in office. But my 3G plan comes to use here. I can of course wear a jean and a shirt to the party, but all the talk around is getting to me. I see a dress on sale and on an impulse I look for my size and add it to the cart. Then I choose matching accessories and place an order. All done in an instant.

Most of the e-commerce sites and apps are mostly surviving only on one trait of the consumer.


Online shopping has given a new meaning to the term impulsive shopping and that is what is need to be utilized to expand this trend. Shopping is a very personal experience and a phone is personal to everybody. Not everyone walks around with a computer or a tab. But no one leaves home without a phone. You are walking on the street and see someone wearing an awesome shoe. On an impulse, you want some thing like that. You open the app, check for something similar and place an order. You visit your folks and see your dad's old shoe. Even though it is still intact and he loves it, on an impulse you want to get him a new one. Tap and click, it is done. Boyfriend is angry, click and order a new wallet for him. Bored? Just shop.

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Myntra is the first retail site to move from the computer to the phone only. And they are making the most of it. Their app has been given more than fours stars by the industry experts. Now that there are so many other shopping apps, what makes this one special? I shall not give you one, but three reasons.

1. Loyal Points: This is for the loyal customers as they get to save some money and yet enjoy better service.
2. Premium Shop: The application takes a subset of their customers and considers them as the premium customers. Premium products are offered at a low price for these customers.
3. Talk To Stylist: With the help of this feature you can get fashion advice from the leading fashion experts of the country.

So Myntra is doing a wonderful job in tapping into the impulse of the customers and both of them are making the most out of it.


  1. Impulse determines a lot of things these days- social media, blogging, shopping, travel :) Most times, it is fine, as long as we have a handle on it. Me? Not much of a shopper. The husband? He is the impulse shopper, can you believe it? :D

    1. Hahaha I definitely cannot :D

      I was too much into it initially, but after a while the fizz died down. Just like how it did with every other "new" technology.

  2. I agree - it's impulse many times but it's planned in the imagination :) :D

  3. Myntra is my favorite too . My husband is angry with me I shop, I am angry i shop . :P . I end up shopping in every emotion and I conquer how much doing this is simple and hassle free!

  4. haha! I am such an impulsive shopper and glad to get a peek of your life, Soumya. Belated Happy birthday:)

    1. Thank you Vishal but my birthday is yet to come :)

  5. I rarely do any planned shopping, unless of course its some occasion and I have to buy something. More than clothes I shop for books. And Amazon and Flipkart always keep having sales and I just cant resist. Impulse shopping puts a huge dent in my pocket.

  6. Impulse shopping is not my cup of tea. I feel it is a huge way of companies making the most out of our greed and wants. When we do impulse shopping, we end up buying what we want (and sometimes what we don't want) rather than what we need. Every sale these online sites come up with will have something hidden that gets lost in the chaos of shopping. Also, I don't do mobile apps for shopping because that's just another steal for them in terms of personal data. At least when I surf using a computer, I can restrict it to some extent.

    Just because it is not my cup of tea doesn't mean it sucks for everyone, there are people for whom these work out. This one is great for such people.

  7. Online shopping sites makes me realize how poor I am :'(
    On other days I don't feel any different.


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