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A Piece Of Cake

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A little bit of plain flour
Along with a dash of something sweet
Choose the right flavor to go with it
Then gently mix around and beat

Now add the softest butter
And an agent to help it rise
Watching it bloom inside the oven
Is more of a treat to the eyes

Add everything that your heart desires
Chocolate, fruits, cherries or rum
Each of it has a unique taste
And yet all of them taste yum

Once baked, eat it with your sight
Never let the aromas go waste
Baking should always be done with love
Nothing tastes good when cooked in haste

Life and baking are really similar
You need to put all your heart into it
Your hard work will start to pay
And you will rise bit by bit

Choose people who come into your life
Be wise and make the right choice
Do not be afraid to try something new
But for every decision, have a voice

Mix your flavors carefully
Make sure it doesn't over power the base
Always remember you come first
No matter whatever is the case

Let go off things you do not use
It is all about what you make
If you get your ingredients right
Life indeed is a piece of cake


  1. Lovely flavoured cake, Soumya! This one you must have and eat it too:)

  2. Wow! That's a perfect piece of cake which I can relish at any time :) Great write, Sowmya.

  3. Wow..!! This one's indeed a wonderful piece of advice for life..
    Enjoyed reading it Soumya :)


  4. The perfect recipe for food and life. Beautiful poem.

  5. What a lovely and 'sweet' poem Soumya! :) Just as much as the cake above! ;) <3

  6. drooling....over the poem and the red velvet (?) cake too!! and now if it not too impolite, give me the measurements na...

    1. Red velvet indeed :)

      Haha, I shall post the recipe on my other blog soon.

  7. Red velvet cake!
    Merely reading the poem makes me dash to a bakery! :D

  8. Why you do this! Why that delicious picture when I'm feeling hungry right now :p

    Though, I'm quite lazy and the only thing I could cook has been banned now :p

  9. Lovely analogy there. "If you get your ingredients right. Life indeed is a piece of cake"... well said!!

  10. Reading this first thing in the morning, is making me hungry!
    Love the comparison! :)

  11. Makes me want to go bake a cake right away! And the last line is spot on :)

  12. That is one of the best english poems i have read in a long long time. Fabulous!

    Ive been here before but had trouble commenting. Finally! :-)

    I've really been meaning to ask you this. Did you once have a blog somehow calles bluestocking bird, with a picture of a girl with umbrella, and took an interest in hindi poetry too. Did you comment on a couple of hindi/urdu poetry blogs too? Forgive the trouble but id really like to know....cuz you remind me of someone

    1. Thank you so much! This made my day :)

      Nope, that would not be me.

    2. Oh well...alright! What were the odds right? ;-) :-P

  13. Right! I must confess - It's the image of the cake that brought me here. Plus it being you, I couldn't really stop myself. But here's the problem - I do not enjoy poems. But this - this is something else. Almost deliciously decadent. Much like the cake. So coming from non-lover and someone who runs miles away from a poem, please do consider it as a compliment of the highest order :)

    1. Well, I am glad the image lured you here :)

      Now this is the third poem of mine you are commenting on saying that it was "something else". So, are you sure you don't like poems? Maybe, atleast mine you do ;) . Okay I took that too far.

      Thank you so much Sid, I am on the highest cloud you can find :D

    2. Unlike normal cooking, baking demands undivided attention and love. The more of the two vital ingredients you pour into the process the more soft and sweet your cake is. Little wonder why baking is called the antidote for creative blocks. And you seem to be flowing in rhythm. Am sure the cake is yummmmmy!!!

    3. It sure was :) Thanks for visiting Nisha!


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