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Being Human

Midsummer Night's Melancholy by Michael Sowa

You said a word, I said two
Others added their concoction to this
Why did we have to listen to them
They only ended up ruining our bliss

You and me were always meant to be
When and how did it get to here
Today we can't stand the sight of each other
Will a day come when things are clear

We cannot even face each other today
Do we have to listen to what others say
We lost our relationship thanks to them
We are the ones who had a price to pay

Everything is wrong with mankind
They are known to kill each other
Either for money or for fame
They do things without any bother

Jealousy and insecurity are inbuilt in them
They will push anyone down for their rise
They remain unfazed by the actual truth
And are comfortable drowning in lies

Each one is trying to out do the other
Inspite of the sharing the same blood
When the time comes for one to succeed
This only connection they shall flood

Let us not be like them
We shall believe in love and life
Putting our differences aside
Let us let go of our strife

I shall help you slowly heal
Together we shall follow the right acumen
Forget the mankind and their selfish deeds
Let us atleast carry on being human

Written for Magpie tales: Mag 276


  1. Hey Lioness .. that's a beautiful :)

  2. Lovely - there is much to learn from beasts!

  3. I think with enough work we can heal the wounds and go forth together...

    1. Humans need to understand that they belong together first.

  4. It's interesting how some people can meddle with relationships enough to ruin them: how sad! And humans sure are a funny lot, some killing for greed: power/money/fame etc. Certainly not inspiring to be like them eh? ;) <3

  5. Crossed wires often mean unnecessary heartache. These two are on the way to untangling their misunderstandings.

  6. The message you conveyed is awesome!!!
    Fresh take on the prompt

  7. I saw the movie Noah yesterday. This is exactly what it had to say for mankind. So much potential, yet such a waste.

  8. being human seems the most daunting task for humans, nice poem

  9. Such a creative take for that pic :)


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