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Black Widow

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I chose to live life on my own terms
Without bowing down to any body
They pointed their filthy fingers at me
And hailed my upbringing shoddy

I laughed out loud and marched ahead
All alone, without any worry
For being strong and believing in myself
I do not have to be sorry

Since I don't adhere to the norms
People made all sort of stories about me
They lived in a world of pretense
Through their blind eyes I did not want to see

I stayed positive and made a name for myself
I did have to let go of few people on the way
Others told me to find someone and settle down
It did not make sense to me what they had to say

I was happy just being with myself
I was in love with everything around
From the blue sky to the flaming sun
To the birds and their chirping sound

Most of them do not understand this
They think that something is wrong with me
I do not care about their various perceptions
For me, I just wanted to let be 

I cannot fake things and impress people
I am not the one who changes her shade
In this era when people are trampling each other
I bought myself up and am proudly self made

I shall walk with my head held high
No matter what, I shall always be the same
Since I walk alone in my journey
People have given me a new name

The others have no identity of their own
They just go where things seem bright
They call me the black widow
But atleast I don't fade into light

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 278.


  1. Fantastic attitude.

  2. #Relatable!
    Why is the upbringing always blamed?! I'll never know!

  3. Hi Soumya. Saw your name at Jo's so thought I'd pop over and say hello! And you write poetry! Wonderful! Love the attitude in this poem. 'At least I don't fade into light.'

    Denise :-)

    1. Thank you so much Denise and welcome to my space :)

  4. that's how we should live life :D You go girl!!

  5. Yaar your concluding lines are always so powerful. How do you do it?

  6. That's a winning attitude and that's how it should be!

  7. The last two lines take this poem to another level! Lovely! :)

  8. Your words are strong, unapologetic ... very nice.

  9. A tale so complete.. giving the details of happiness, struggle, harsh realities of life and how it is to be alone..!
    Loved it to the core :)


  10. I am just missing this blog of yours Soumya:)


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