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Pride is a very dangerous thing
It can elevate a person to the highest high
But it can also crash one to the ground
Without an answer to the how and why

All humans are born equal
Religions are created by man
High and low is preached everyday
With no one to come forward with a ban

Who defines the David and Goliath
Are the rich always considered great
What happens to commoners like you and me
Do we just have to succumb to fate

Money today can buy almost everything
But love and happiness it cannot
If you prefer to stay on the pedestal
Remember from below, you look like a dot

Flaunt everything while they last
It doesn't take long for the tables to turn
No matter how high you sit
When the fire comes, you too shall burn

No one is superior, no one is inferior
What matters is the goodness of the heart
Develop trust, love and relationships
Else be prepared to fall apart

Others might lie low and not talk much
While you yell the lies standing tall
If you do not get the basics right
Remember, one day even the mighty shall fall

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 280.


  1. Goodness is a strength that does not need a mask. Some interesting thoughts.

  2. Sadly, most don't seem to get the basics right.
    *waits patiently for those Goliath's to fall*

    1. I am joining you, Sid, to see some Goliath's fall this side too!!

    2. @Sid, totally agree! How can anyone go wrong with the basics?

    3. @Shilpa, count me in too! Let's get a large bucket of popcorn and sit back and watch it happen!

  3. Well said! Really well said. I too wait for some mighty and nasty ones to fall. Even in public life. It actually leads to despair to see the crooked thrive.

    1. I agree Rachna. It makes you not believe in anything. The nasty ones will definitely fall. And soon.

  4. Pride is a dangerous thing. So true but rarely do people understand.

  5. Skillful and sharp response to the prompt...

  6. Good write, well done. My favorite line: "If you prefer to stay on the pedestal
    Remember from below, you look like a dot"

  7. Sometimes, you fall even with the basics right. It's just how it keeps rolling.

  8. Aptly put Soumya day even the mighty shall fall..sadly most people don't seem to think so and pride is one of the most underrated vices of our times .people actually flaunt everything worth being shameful for !
    you have penned your thoughts nicely with a universal appeal dear ...loved reading it :)

  9. True words! I just wished more people realized that money isn't everything; that all are equal, and, well, everything outlined in this poem.

  10. True, life comes in a circle. What goes up, comes down.

    Beautiful poem.

  11. never forget that what you do, can come back to you, a well written resonating poem


  12. Wise words! Very wise words..

  13. Beautifully written.... especially the last line, "Remember, one day even the mighty shall fall" and yes, it was lovely meeting you at the Indiblogger meet :)
    PS: You probably don't even remember me :D

  14. Superb poem and such powerful words and concept. Loved every single line :) Awesome !


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