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The Other Side

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I look at her with disgust
Her delicate lips emanating smoke
How can a woman behave this way
On her own life, doesn't she choke

Her plunging neckline is defying gravity
Giving me a glimpse of her ample breast
Seeing a lady in the semi naked form
How can men like me just stay at rest

Look at the bright red color of her lips
Maybe after all she is a whore
Such women need to be punished
Promiscuity is embedded in their core

That svelte curvaceous body of hers
Seems to be inviting all the attention
The way she seductively walks
Is what sex looks like in motion

Her loose dark hair swirls around her face
Their tickle she doesn't seem to mind
Why does she have to tempt people like me
To my lustful looks she seems to be blind

How can a woman be something like this
Isn't she supposed to be an innocent beauty
Looking at her smoking and drinking
Punishing her seems to be my duty

Then I stop and think for a while
Who am I to judge someone
On which rule book was it written
That women are not supposed to have some fun

Her clothes and habits do not define her
She might be a mother, a teacher or a nurse
She is living her life the way she wants to
Womanhood is not supposed to be a curse

If I get lecherous thoughts looking at her
Then something is wrong with my every word
There is nothing bad about what she is doing
For my thoughts, I'm the actual bastard

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 282.


  1. Super. Intense .awesome- every word. So rightly said! 'Being a woman is not a curse' is such a positive note. Let's spread this word to all the other bastards who look down upon women. I had been away from writing for a while, but I can never miss a read from when my favourite blogger moves her pen:) Also, Happy birthday girl (belated, Though. Sorry about that) .

    Love, Rashmi

  2. I don't see the stopping and thinking happening in the world, though. Hopeful poem! :)

  3. Love the way today's thought process is portrayed

  4. Brilliant one Soumya! Of all the poems that I read on various blogs, you do the best job. Beautiful work. Superb! See - I can't stop admiring! :)

  5. Oh wow! Lady, I salute you for this poem. What an insight!

  6. Wow ! While reading the beginning stanzas I was thinking myself that WHY IS THIS GUY JUDGING THE GIRL? I know these kind of thoughts come in every guys brain but may be others are wrong but who are to punish them and think such rubbish things. But, I sincerely salute you(as Independence Day is near) for the ending. We men are that kind of creatures and it will take far more than some poem and words to make us straight. But, here's a beginning :) Strongly support these kind of thoughts.

  7. Well written. Alas, we are a prisoner of our conditioning. Most would jump to conclusion that way even women.

  8. Really liked the metre and pace of this poem, Soumya. I think you've nailed the subject pretty well and done a great job with the stream of consciousness concept!

  9. If every man had such realization there would be no rapes and molestation. But you find a girl who wears what she feels like and she is labeled easy. Very well written and hard hitting Soumya.

  10. I wish everyone would mind their own business, life would be so peaceful for women.

  11. Intense! The heavy pale of judgment which labels give.

  12. I guess it's the point when he decides to turn back, he becomes a real true human being! The very ability to think logically is the sign of a human. Very well written!

  13. I love how your poetry not just makes all the sense in the world, but also how beautifully you make it rhyme <3 I'm still in awe of you :)

    1. Thank you so much darling! And I shall always be in awe of you! <3

  14. Soumaya, the poem is brilliantly composed. Each and every word conveys the depth of the emotions .

  15. Your poem, like always, leaves me speechless. Such a strong message, wrapped in rhymes. You are awesome :-D

  16. Well written Soumya. A powerful message there :)


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