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In Your Words - Part 4

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Alisah looks for her father and sees him walking towards her.

"Shall we start our rounds?" He asks with a smile.

"Sure." She says thinking that would give her time to think about the face that she had just seen.

She plugs in her ipod and lets the music take over. She jogged slowly at first and then increased her speed gradually. The face refused to leave her though. She now knew who exactly he was, but a part of her mind refused to believe it. She could be mistaken as well. Into her fifth round, she felt a bit exhausted. She sat down at a nearby bench and stretched her muscles. In a few minutes her father joined her.

"All okay darling? Your face is drained of color. What's wrong?" He asks sounding worried as he sits beside her.

"Nothing, Pa. Ran a bit too fast than I usually do. That's it."

"Let's sit for a while and then get back." Alisah nods as her father says this.

They sit for a while on the bench and do some breathing exercises and once the sun set completely they walk back home.

Alisah showered once she was back and then switched on her computer. There ofcourse was a reply from Kay and he had even pinged her a "Hello" on chat as well. She read the email first. Kay seemed more than happy by the poem that she had written. He told her that nobody had analysed him this well before and it was strange that someone who had never met him before had written so well about him. Apart from Kay's mail there were a lot of other mails as well. All her regular readers had loved this poem of hers and the comments were pouring in. She smiled. Nothing satisfies a writer than the fact that their work is appreciated. As happy as she was, she could not devour the happiness completely. Her mind was occupied. She was just about to log out when there was another ping from Kay.

"Hello! You there?"

"Hello, how are you?" She typed back.

"I'm doing good, thank you. How are you?"

"I'm good too."

"Thank you for the poem. It made me feel wonderful :)"

"You are welcome. I just wrote it on an impulse. I don't even know why."

"Who cares? You wrote it, that's all that matters. Right? :)"

"I guess :)" This time she genuinely smiled.

"So what do you plan to write next?"

"Not sure. Tomorrow is a Sunday so I shall be at mom's bakery all day. Not too sure if I shall get the time to write. What about you?"

"Now I'm writing something. Hopefully it shall turn out to be good."

"What is it about?"

"You. What else can it be?"


"I hope it is okay Alisah."

"It sure is, Kay. But one thing...."

"Oh, what?"

"Call me Al. Alisah is too long a name :)"

"Hahaha sure Al."

"Is Kay your real name?"

"No, it is short for my actual name; Krishna."

"Oh, but why Kay? Why not something like Kris or Chris?"

"Well, I'm a writer. Not someone working at a call center :P"


Alisah actually laughed out loud as she typed this. Kay was helping her forget the turmoil in her mind. She enjoyed talking with him so much that she continued for a while until her mom called her down for dinner. She looked up at the clock. 8.30 pm. Wow, she had been talking to Kay for more than an hour now. Bidding him a goodbye and promising to check his poem before sleeping, she headed down for dinner.

Her mother looked very cheerful and happy now. Her father was already at the table and listening to his wife talk nineteen to a dozen.

"The banana ones sold like hot cakes. Well, literally. We were done with the prepared batch in less than ten minutes. The poppy did well too. But a few expressed concerns over the orange peel. They said that it tasted well only in a chocolate and not in a cup cake. But most others loved it. They said that the sweet and bitter taste was fabulous as the topping was very sweet anyway."

"Good mom, I'm really happy for you." Alisah sat down at her seat.

As usual the dinner was like a banquet. Saturday nights were her mother's favorite along with Sunday noon. She cooked like a dream everyday but on these days she put in a little extra effort. There were lamb chops in a thick spicy gravy, steamed fish in banana leaf, a variety of breads and some freshly made rice with a hint of lemon. It smelt delicious.

"Your mom shall be the only one responsible for my cholesterol, if I ever get it." Her father mocks his wife.

"Yeah, yeah. Next time I shall not save the best selling batch of cup cakes and bring some for you."

"I'll come raid your store then."

Alisah laughs at her parents who were clearly the best couple in the world. Alisah's father was a tough and strict army man. But when it came to his wife, he melted just like the butter she used in her cooking. Her mother was a gourmet cook who loved entertaining people and hosting all their friends. Even though a bit reclusive, her father indulged in her mother's fancies and played the perfect host along with her. Alisah smiles at them.

"What's up with you darling? You are awfully quiet today?" Her father asks her.

"Yes Al, are you unwell?" Her mother joins in too.

"Actually something is bothering me." She looks up at her parents with sad eyes.

"What happened Al? Something at work?" Her father puts his fork down in concern.

"No, Pa. Today at the park I think I saw Arjun." She says slowly.

Her mother looks at her in shock and her father just goes mute.

"I did not get a close look at him. But he kept coming by my side as he ran. He wore a hoodie, but I did catch a good glimpse of him. I think it was him." She continues.

After a few sips of water her father finally spoke while her mother still sat in shock.

"Did he talk to you? What does he want now?" He sounded angry.

"No, he did not talk to me. He gave me a wicked smile though. That's how I'm pretty sure it was him."

"Oh God, I can't believe this is happening again. Is he back in the city?" Her mother finally says something.

"I thought he was settled abroad. What is he doing here now?" Her father flares up.

"Why are you asking me all that? I have no idea what he is doing here." Alisah defends herself.

"I'm sorry darling, but I'm really shocked about this."

"I know, Pa. But don't worry. Maybe he was just there for a run. Maybe he won't trouble us again."

"Knowing him, I doubt that."

"Whatever it is, we shall handle this together." Alisah consoles her parents.

"That's like my strong daughter. Let us see what he does this time." Her father calms down.

Her mother looks at her sadly with tears in her eyes.

"No matter what you say Al, marrying Arjun was the biggest mistake of your life."

To be continued.


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    1. You have to wait for the best things in life :)

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    A Rat's Nibble : The Butterfly Girl

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