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Why I Write

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If I am having a crappy day
Or when every thing is going alright
I do not ponder over it too much
I feel happy when I just write

Poetry takes over me completely
Elevating my day from drab to bright
Everything seems to be sorted
When I just sit down and write

Fiction is a challenge to me
But in a dark room it is my lone light
I think of characters and their quirks
The story just flows when I write

Weird people are my favorite topic
I write about them without a fright
I only talk about what actually happened
I don't see why I should not write

It helps me clear the chaos in my mind
Be it during day or in the middle of night
Every piece just fits into the puzzle
When I decide to sit back and write

Most of my posts create controversies
Tongues of others then begin to take flight
While these losers are spending time stalking me
I just laugh out loud and continue to write

What I do is first for myself
Thankfully it helped me soar like a kite
No matter what happens I wouldn't give this up
As long as I'm alive, I shall write


  1. As well you should, my dear. Today and always :) Write for yourself and for those of us who love to read what you write :)

  2. Good attitude towards writing. Not caring about what others think of what you write. I'm still struggling to reach that level.

    1. Just let go and only then you will get there.

  3. how effortlessly you express what's in your mind :) fiction is a challenge for me too. Don't care about what others say, just continue being fabulous :)

  4. You should. You are so good :) Keep going!

  5. You definitely should keep writing :) You are too good :)

  6. Awesome! Love the last line - that says it all! Go for it girl:-) Love your poem - very inspiring:-)

  7. How many of us can actually relate to what you wrote :-) for me general words typed on my screen is therapeutic

  8. i never really thought why I write...but readin ur post gave me some insights into my own mind :)

    1. I'm glad. I'd like to know why you write as well :)

  9. Niiiiiiice! Write for yourself, write because it makes you happy - reason enough!

  10. well put! Keep writing, Soumya :)

  11. Well said, Soumya. Keep writing. :)

  12. "Weird people are my favourite topic"
    And they make for really amazing blog posts :p
    Amazing poem! :D

  13. amazing! never ever stop writing :)


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