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Against The World

photo: Daniel Murtagh

There is more than a finger pointed at me
But there are hundreds pointed back at them
I'm busy with my own wonderful life
While in their idle minds, baseless thoughts stem

The only job that they have
Is to put together invisible bits
I'm too busy in my own real world
I have no time for their meaningless skits

They spend so much time thinking about me
Stalking me everywhere like a ghost
While they spend their time doing that
I'm pouring champagne and raising a toast

They make stories about me everyday
I've already killed their characters in my head
They crib, cry and complain non stop
While I eat, drink and make merry instead

Each one of them are poor lonely souls
With nothing worth living in their life
I've way too many things to care about
Than the rumors that seem to run rife

They pray to God and ask for my destruction
While I just thank God for a wonderful day
The happiness in my life is much greater
To fall to what conspiring voices have to say

They plot, talk and scheme against me
While I read, write, laugh, live and love
With the love of my life on my side
I only feel blessings showered from above

They spend sleepless nights trying to pull me down
Wondering how my life can be so happy and bright
While they do that day after day
I dream and sleep peacefully at night


  1. Awesome! A lovely poetry to all those women who have been judged, criticized and called names. Very well written Soumya.

  2. Great words...I have no time for people like that either. They can bitch and whinge and gossip for all I like. In the end, living your life is the best revenge. :)

  3. Very positive actions and decisions. Good read. :)

  4. Well portrayed the emotions and feelings. Nice one!
    ​​​​​​A Rat's​​ Nibble : Calvin And Me

  5. I felt like this poem is me talking, right now! You have mirrored my thoughts better than I ever would have :)

  6. Lovely write! Never pay heed to baseless comments and judgments. When you know who you are and you are true to your being, nothing else matters. And the antics of others to pull you down is laughable!

  7. Wow! Right from the beginning till the end it's the same vibration! :) Wonderful poem Lioness!

  8. It talks so much of woman's life..! Not all obviously..
    And you have penned it so well..



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