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Action Replay - October 2015

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My last post was a week ago and I have been crazy busy with work. Deadlines hovering over and leaving me with hardly any time to do anything else. And yet, October was quite an eventful month for me. Met a lot of wonderful people and learnt quite a few lessons. The month started off with a bang with a B-A-R meet. This is a closed group of a few bloggers and most of us here met for the first time. It was a riot and oh so awesome! It always is a good thing to put faces to names or blogs. A huge bunch of us sat down together to eat, drink, talk and learn about one another. And yes, have loads of fun! It was quite an experience. Later that week, I also got to meet Priyanka aka the Cookie Crumb and Red Handed. Two wonderful and gorgeous personalities these were. We ended up sharing so much about our lives that it absolutely did not feel like it was the first time we met. I loved meeting these two women.

In terms of learning, the first thing that October taught me was to not depend on anyone for anything. I'm an independent girl in all ways. I do all my things myself and make my own money. But when it comes to travelling to office I have to depend on auto rickshaws. I normally travel on my own and do not depend on my husband to ferry me from one place to another. I usually use cabs or autos to travel. But thanks to the impromptu rains in Bangalore these days, the road from my house to my office is choc-a-block with traffic. Using this as a bait the rickshaw drivers charge as much as they want. My office is exactly 2 kilometers from my house. Door step to door step. Normally it would take 30 bucks, but I end up paying 50 bucks everyday. But these days, these day light robbers are demanding 80 to 100 bucks, citing traffic and bad roads as the reason. What am I to do for that? Every morning it is a hassle to get to office. I need to fight with these guys every morning and it is not a good start to the day. I need to cut this dependency. I have an idea for it. Hope to implement it soon.

This month I also learnt that not all couples share everything with each other. I have seen wives hiding issues and things from the husband and vice versa. But Cal and I are not like that all. We talk about every single details of our individual lives. It is not a mandate or a compulsion, it just comes out in the flow of thought and talk. He doesn't hide anything from me, nor do I. Normally couples hide the stuff they talk about to their individual parents, but we don't make a big deal out of it.
He tells me everything and so do I. If people think that talking about such things is tell-tale, then please remember that a good marriage means you have to share everything. Not hiding something from the other or telling the fabricated truth. Atleast for me, it is. Unless you are planning a surprise, ofcourse! Also, I noticed that some people have this innate quality of lying through their teeth. Everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie. How do such people face themselves everyday?

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The last vacation that Cal and I took was to Goa in May. Although we plan to travel as often as we can, work kept us busy. Plus, ever since we have moved to a place of our own everyday seems like a vacation and we have the peace of mind that we get once on a break. But both of us love travelling and are planning something soon. With the Diwali week coming up, I have taken a break from work just to relax and unwind. I haven't read or written anything for a long time. I need to get back to it. I want to decorate my house and bake a lot of stuff. I want to sleep until noon and do long movie marathons at night. Cal is off for a while too and it is going to be awesome! I'll be on the blog though for sure. I have my fiction series pending and I miss writing terribly. I need to get back in the groove and pave the way for atleast five posts a week.

Lots of plans for the other blog Yellow Mojito this month. I initially started it to discuss about fashion, lifestyle, food, beauty etc. But I realised that my style is very personal to me and I'm not too comfortable posting my pictures out there. One or two random ones are fine. And these days I see fashion and beauty bloggers in every lane and every street. I do not want to join the crowd. So from now on, Yellow Mojito is only going to focus on my greatest passion: Food. I agree that the food blogger market is crowded as well, but atleast it is a delicious place to be in! I'm going to be reviewing restaurants, posting recipes and talking about my experiences with food out there. That's the plan for now, atleast.

I just hope the workaholic in me doesn't flare up and get back to work on Monday. I'm trying really hard to calm her down. So for now, I'm done with work and am back on the blog. First, to reply to all the comments from last month and to visit my favorite blogs. I'm guilty as charged.

Hoping to read and write some wonderful posts in November!

What are your plans for the month?


  1. Yes.. I am missing the fictional series that you started.. And it is always great to be busy.. Hope you have an even more wonderful November.. I too shared about my October on my blog.. :)


  2. How I wish I could meet you guys! Green with envy after seeing the pics from the BAR meet! Hope we will meet some time soon. And yes, I was in Mumbai last week and the autowaala took 150 bucks. Thieves, I tell you!
    Hope you take a vacation with Cal. Have a great time!
    Looking forward to some delicious recipes at Yellow Mojito! Cheers, Sowmya.
    Have a pleasant November!

  3. October flew with my parents' visit and lots of traveling!
    We try to take a trip for at least a weekend every month but it doesn't always happen due to various factors!
    Hope you have a great November as well! :)

  4. Nice to know that you had a nice month Soumya. I miss reading the fiction series. And good that you got to meet Cookie and Red. Hope I can meet you soon.

  5. The blog meet and network is a power platform to learn from each other in life. Glad to read your thought about life and people. I have also been lagging behind in putting up posts with 6 days a week work.

  6. You met Priyanka and Red? How cool! I understand your woes on the commute. We are in the same boat. Regarding sharing stuff with spouse - like you guys, VT and I are friends first and everything else later. We talk about every thing and it comes in the flow. It's fun to open our hearts out to each other. Have a good time during the Diwali week and we have to meet :D Enjoy!!

  7. It's always good to meet fellow bloggers. Tell me more about the food blogging cos I'd love to be a part of that crowd. After all its delicious, yes. :P and hey, did I say your series was awesome. Post the next chapter soon. Enjoy your holiday and have fun. Happy Diwali!
    Hope you enjoy reading my ​​​​​​A Rat's​​ Nibble : Calvin And Me series.

    1. Thank you Meera! You can follow my food blogging on my other blog.

    2. I am already keep tracking of your Yellow Mojito :)

  8. I totally agree with you when you talk about everything in a relationship . Some people are building mental barriers by hiding things and maintaining secrets . I never felt the need to hide things. Being myself with my husband comes naturally to me and so is he. Happy and safe Diwali to you and your family soumya:)


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