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Movie Review: Tamasha

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Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone
Direction: Imtiaz Ali
Genre: Drama/Romance
Duration: 2 hours 35 minutes

When Imtiaz Ali makes a movie, you know that you have to watch it. But thanks to the previous outings of Ranbir Kapoor, I was a bit skeptical about watching this one. But Deepika looked so gorgeous in the promos and the first theatrical trailer looked promising as well. But I waited for a few reviews before I could book tickets to this one. Most of the reviews cited the same; not the conventional love story. And I being a sucker for unconventional stories, decided to watch it. Tickets were easily available and we found ourselves walking into the theatre on Sunday evening.

The movie starts on a stage with a robot with a heart and a clown. Then it moves to the flashback where a young Ranbir is seen spending all his time and pocket money listening to a story teller tell tales about Ramayana. The young lad hates studying and is very happy in his own world of stories. Next, fast forward to the beautiful Corsica where Ranbir meets Deepika who has lost her luggage, passport and money on the island. They get talking and he helps her place a call to India. Soon they decide to stay together for a week and make up their own names based on popular bollywood characters. Ranbir become Don and Deepika becomes Mona darling. Together they explore the island of Corsica, gate crash parties, drink water directly from a stream and get close to each other. But they have decided to not make love or get emotionally involved with each other. Six days pass and Deepika gets her new passport. By then she is in love with Ranbir and decides to leave the island immediately owning to their previous agreement of not meeting each other ever again. But not before barging into his room and kissing him goodbye.

Four years later, Mona darling who actually is business woman Tara Maheshwari is still in love with the man she met in Corsica. Thanks to a book she had found on him back then, she tracks him to Delhi and sets up a chance meeting with him. She reveals her actual story to Ranbir aka Ved who is happy to see her too. They start dating, but Tara continues to miss the man she met in Corsica. Turns out Don was completely different from the actual Ved that he is. Ved who is a project manager with a big MNC is living a robotic life alone. He wakes up on time, brushes on time, eats breakfast on time and gets ready to work on time. He even worships his boss to the extent of ass kissing. Tara decides that this is not the man that she is in love with and leaves him the day he proposes to her.

Ved is now completely heart broken and yet continues his routine. He keeps going back to his childhood and his story listening days, but is scared to break free and follow his dreams. He continues to go to work and tries to forget Tara and the actual story teller that he is. What happens to Ved next? Does he get over his inner conflict and face the real him? Will he change for Tara? Will she accept him back? This forms the story.

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The first hour of the movie is bright and beautiful. Imtiaz Ali captures the beauty of Corsica whole and soul. Every angle and every area of the island is beautifully shown. Deepika and Ranbir play their part to the tee. Deepika looks gorgeous and Ranbir looks so charming. Although I couldn't help but notice how Deepika's shoes and her dress's length keeps changing in the Matargashti song. The story does have its flaws, but it tries to convey the right message. Ranbir is outstanding as the charmer in Corsica or the product manager in Delhi sporting a french beard. The story is all about him. His life, his childhood demons, his dreams and his stories. Tamasha belongs to Ranbir. Deepika looks so smitten by Ranbir throughout the movie that it is hard to differentiate if its a movie or real life. She looks so genuinely in love with him that its breaks my heart to know that they are not together in real life.

The story moves up and down and is clearly about Ved's discovery of his own self. The inner turmoil is shown so well that at times I felt that he suffered from bipolar disorder. Especially in the scene where he confronts his boss. He puts life into his character and owns the movie. This movie of Imtiaz Ali lacks the Sufism as his Rockstar or Highway, but does manage to strike a chord somewhere. But the movie does drag in parts and is in serious need of some editing. A trim of 30 minutes would have done wonders to the movie.

Verdict: Watch it for Ranbir. It is worth it.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


  1. Yours seems like a very balanced review. I am also sceptical though I like Ranbir but the last two Imtiaz outings didn't work for me. And looks like I will leave this to a TV watch despite the glowing reviews.

    1. It's a decent watch though. But yeah, better left for TV.

  2. Hi sowmya thanks for the review...I have been following your blog for sometime...I, like a lot of others, am eagerly waiting for your next part of the story of Alisha...please do continue that series...thanks

    1. I'll be finishing the story soon. Thanks Gowri.

  3. I absolutely loved the movie!! I could see no flaws! LOL! But, that's just me.. maybe its because I could relate to some extent...
    Maybe its because I loved everything the movie had to offer - from the actors, to the locales, to the songs! :)

    Loved the movie! :)

  4. I so wanted to watch this movie but all the reviews are putting me on fence. I will may be wait for the DVD.

  5. I'm not a big fan of Deepika. So I'll wait for the DVD too. ;)
    -Chicky @ miss_teerious

  6. Love ur review. I love the movie despite mixed reviews for Ved is so much me in life. It's a must watch and will prick your skin. It had such an impact on me. It's my story.


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