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Shining Bright

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There is something about this thing called love
It hits you hard and sweeps you off your feet
It opens up doors you did not know existed
And makes a rhythm of your heart beat

Falling in love is not important
What matters is staying in love
It doesn't matter how many years pass by
What was there then, should be there now

Some people say that it all dies down
After a few years there will be no romance
Many of them are firm believers of this
And yet some one of them leave it to chance

My love story started years ago
And it has remained the same till date
Everyday I fall in love a million times
With my friend, my lover and my soul mate

Every morning I wake up with a kiss
When he leaves to work there is another
Romance lasts throughout the day for us
Every night we snuggle against each other

It is not something we consciously plan
It all comes naturally to us
Love remains the base of our relationship
Nothing comes in between to create a fuss

He still drowns in my deep eyes
While I'm still enchanted by his smile
I'm sure we will remain this way
Holding hands, walking together every mile

As we enter out fifth year together
Our love will peak morning noon and night
We don't have to worry about sparks dying down
The fire in us will continue shining bright

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 299.


  1. Very sweet. So much love!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Such a promising love :)
    Lovely writing.

  3. Wow! Such a beautiful poem. Congratulations for the 5 years of togetherness :)

  4. Happy anniversary Soumya! This was so beautiful! :)
    Staying in love is what matters, may your love keep growing with each passing day!

  5. I love hearing how enduring love is for star-crossed lovers like you! Keep the flame alive!

  6. Happy 5th anniversary, your poem is perfect for the occasion. So heartwarming and grin worthy :D.

  7. Sigh!! My heart just melted! :)
    The romantic in me smiled! That was beautiful :)

  8. more than 25 years for us- and we are the same as you-tremendously and more each day in love.
    Lovely poem- have a Happy New Year!

    1. 25 is awesome :)

      A very happy new year to you too and continue staying in love :)


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