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Watch Your Back

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Many of them admire your lithe frame
While some secretly undress you
A bunch of them would claim to be your friends
Only a hand full of them will remain true

Many will envy your deep dark eyes
And yet praise you every time
Your hoarse husky bold voice
To some will sound like a chime

They will always smile at you
Watching you through your bone
As much as they throw their love at you
Some just wish you turn into a stone

You'll be called names one too many
Ignore them like you always do
Nobody like the ones who speak the truth
And it's not only hatred they feel for you

They talk about your style non stop
They think that you dress like a whore
Your independent streak they cannot handle
They cannot believe that you're your own oar

The world has become a very weird place
No respect for those who live their own life
While many may applaud your choices
Quite a few are wielding a knife

You're popular, no doubt about that
Even if you only see things in white and black
Embrace the people who come to you
At the same time, watch your back

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 302.


  1. :-) That's the truth, eh? Lip service is a favorite hobby with most people.

  2. Oh yes, only a handful of them will remain true - so True! Loved this read! It is so to the point- always watch your back. Some people can be so false. keep the good ones close, and get read of the toxic ones... As much as possible.

  3. Very good advice no matter how comfortable one may feel. Nice write!

  4. Soumya this was so deep and the poetry flew into all emotions of my heart... embrace yourself the world wouldn't..

  5. One of the life-lessons one learns, unfortunately the hard way. Reminded me of a proverb I'd read: Trust in God, but tie your camel. No limits to how wary one has to be in life! Bravo to this post :)

  6. That was a bunch of life lessons beautifully weaved into poetry.

  7. So true Soumya! We've to watch our backs because a lot of times people strike where it hurts us the most. Loved this poem.

  8. it's one of lessons that can be sadly learnt only with experience. Beautifully weaved.


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