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What Not To Wear

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When it comes to clothes, I'm very particular about everything. Right from the color, to the fabric, to the cut to the pattern - I want everything to be perfect. I have been very particular about fashion since I was very young. When I was not earning, I used to dress in anything that was wearable. I have had enough of my share of faux pas. But once I turned eighteen and started taking up promotional jobs, I used to save up money to buy good clothes for myself. No, I was not an ardent fashion follower, I just wanted to wear something that suited me and what I was comfortable in. This continues till date. When I was a size zero around 5-6 years ago, almost anything I wore used to suit me. But once I started gaining weight, I became more conscious of the clothes I wear. That was when I started dressing according to body type, keeping in mind the current trends. Today I know what cuts suit me best and what colors and patterns I can carry off very well. I'm pretty open to experimenting with the clothes or accessories I wear. But there are a few things that I would not want to be seen dead in.

Palazzo Pants
Ever since skinny jeans came into vogue, it caught up with me very hard. Earlier I tried to get all my regular fit jeans modified to look like skinny jeans. While some of it worked out, the others made me look like a circus clown. But when I started making my own money, I invested in good skinny jeans. I am used to my trousers fitting me like second skin and yet giving me enough room to breathe comfortably. The same goes with my formal trousers as well. They are narrow bottomed and fit me like a dream. Wide legged pants is something that I cannot bear the sight of. I once tried one just for kicks in a show room and it did feel very comfortable, but I thought it looked hideous. My doubts were confirmed by my husband who was rolling on the floor and laughing once he saw me. Since then, I have stayed away from palazzo pants and am very happy with my skinny jeans. But I must admit, some women look wonderful in palazzo pants and carry them off so beautifully. As for me, it is not something that I would ever wear.

There is a reason why this particular piece of garment is named so. It is only to be worn during the nights while sleeping. But there are so many women who hibernate in it morning, noon and night. Some even take walks in it or walk out to buy stuff while clad in it. According to me this is one garment that shouldn't have existed at all. I find it extremely clumsy and tent like. Agreed it is loose fitting and airy to help you sleep comfortably, but why wear it during the day? I hate the look of this and I feel that women look unkempt when ever they are wearing one. While some women think that it helps them cover their whole body, they have no clue how their body looks in it. I cringe every time I see a woman in this.

While I think these look very beautiful on every woman, I would never be comfortable in wearing one. Give me the shortest of shorts and I'd wear it, but a skirt or a dress is a big no no. I probably wouldn't know how to sit comfortably in one. No matter how long the skirt or dress is, this will always be a problem to me.

Bras with transparent straps
Nothing defines the word tacky more than this. I have seen women wear this over tube tops, halter tops and spaghetti tops and it looks very cheap to me. To start of with, it is a transparent strap. Not invisible. There is a reason why some one has invented the strapless bra. Women seriously need to think about it.

Caged neck blouses
Yes, the very blouses that are completely open at the back with tiny ropes of fabric tied together to make a cage out of it. I always wonder what would happen if a strap suddenly broke on it. This for me is a desperate attempt to look sexy. I'd rather go backless, instead of this.

Boots in summer
Yes Sir, this is very existent and causes me an eye sore every time I see someone tuck their jeans into a tight leather boot during summer. I start sweating and hallucinating when that happens. Bangalore has beautiful weather throughout the year. Even the winters here do not require boots. But for some people it is something to be worn any time and in any season. Just writing about this is making me sweat. I'm travelling to a snowy place this weekend and I'm still having second thoughts about whether I should buy boots or not.

Jeans folded up to look like capris
Seriously? When one can buy a jean why not buy a capri too? The fold looks so thick and cumbersome that I wonder how some people move their legs in it.

Anarkali salwar kameez
I'm very uncomfortable in Indian wear. Sarees I love to wear once in a while and I can pull it off well. But the great Indian salwar kameez has always posed a problem for me. Especially the anarkali one. The minute I see a lady wearing it, my mind goes to Mughal-E-Azam. Exactly why I haven't owned a pair until now. Normal kurta and pants is some how okay for me to wear even though I constantly feel that I'm looking funny in it.

Matching everything
I love matching accessories to the clothes I wear, but there is always a line that I draw. I either match my top and shoes, or my shoes and bag. I do not wear accessories much apart from a watch. I have seen some people match their tops, bag, shoes, watch, bangles, ear rings, hair band and every thing else that could be possible. It is such a turn off.

Ill-fitting anything
I have an innate hatred for clothes that does not fit well on me. Be it trousers, a top, a jacket or anything else, it needs to fit well and complement my body type. Frills and lace is something I absolutely hate. Loose fitting clothes and tight fitting clothes are a big no for me. The fit has to be just right and thankfully I know enough sewing to alter my clothes if need be.

Almost every one has a peeve when it comes to clothing and fashion. Tell me what is yours.


  1. As long as am comfy in carrying off the dress I am game :-D

  2. I'm with you on most of these, definitely!

  3. Lol.. to the nighties - I always thought that was a weird name and I agree turning it into a 'dayie' is painful. Agree on the palazzos and as for caged neck blouses Ugh!

  4. Love my skinny jeans too.Hate boots in the summer... Think I mostly agree with you on all of these actually. You go girl, good taste:-) Fun post to read, I enjoyed this:-)

  5. I love skinny jeans specifically Levi's. I hate nighties, don't wear them at all. I love Kurtis, churidars, salwars, anarkalis. They look good on most Indian women if they know the cut that suits them.Somehow I am not a dress person either. :-)

  6. So basically, YOU = ME sartorially. Nighty - hate it to the core. Wore once - day I delivered my baby cos Doctor said I should. Threw it away the next day :D

  7. I love the Indian version of palazzos. They look really good with vests. Ever tried them?

    And I have been hunting for caged neck tops for the longest!

    I think one needs to be really tall to carry off wide legged pants. I look awful in them.

    1. Wide legged anything is something that I would never try! I'm tall, and yet it would be a no.

      Thanks for reading Purba!

  8. I agree with you when you say u dress up perfect.U made my head turn the first time I saw you at work :)(not kidding). Its rare to see someone well groomed just every single day.I'm surprised that u'r not comfy in dresses.I think you'll look great in them.

    1. Awww Wilma you are so sweet! :)

      I'm kinda skeptical about dresses. Maybe someday I'll try them.

  9. So, I am a bit particular about my dressing too but what ever I try should fit my body and the certain style I have. Palazzos - never. Nighties - Never ever! Anarkali - Nope. Not for me. Transparent straps - never tried one. Such a useless invention. :P Boots - I get the same thoughts I spot someone in Bangalore wearing them. Such a wannabe thing.
    Fun post Soumya!
    I like skirts more than dresses. Shorts sometimes I get conscious cos they are short ;)

    1. Useless it is! And ugly and tacky too!

      For me shorts>skirts! You look lovely in skirts :)

  10. Good read Soumya!There was a formal event at work last week and I saw couple of ladies in " hold your breath" - anarkalies with bling work at the neck , bright yellow and blue kurtas accessorized with bright blue eyeliner , etc. Sigh! the invite said strictly business formals .


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