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Action Replay: February 2016

Image Source It is the end of February and I cannot be more glad. In spite of being the shortest month of the year, it dragged on and on for me. Not in a very good way. The month started off really well with me just back from a great vacation. Even the work at office was not too hectic and I got some much deserved rest. I celebrated the best year of my life and enjoyed falling in love with my home once again. Valentines Day brought with it the most wonderful gift that I could ask for. Cal and I don't believe in this particular day, but we celebrate it nonetheless. The day was pleasant and peaceful and was filled with love. We enjoyed a quiet time in each others company. It was our fifth Valentines together and we sat and looked back at the wonderful memories that we had created. The second half of the month brought with it a lot of agitation and emotional duress. A period of ill health followed adding to the aforementioned duress. Do you guys believe in negative energy? I

Of Religion And Respect

Image Source As a child I have never feared God. Since my parents were not very religious, they did not impose it on us. Growing up, I rarely visited temples or any religious places. The concept of God was not something I believed in, but as a child I was fascinated by it. When you are young and you see a religious function going on in your neighbor's house but not yours it is only natural to be awed by it. This continued for a long long time. But a few years ago, it all came crashing down. Religion is something that I have no clue about and it doesn't matter to me if a person is a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian or any thing else. But when people start talking trash in the name of religion and clearly put down a few people, it gets on to me. I'm not an atheist, but I see God as a super power. My only prayers are a humble ' Thank You ' for all that I have. Earlier, I used to be so fascinated by the various pujas, prayers, mantras and shlokas. Mainly because I d

The Wheel Of Time

PHOTO PROMPT –  © Sandra Crook He was gone for quite a while now and I was wallowing in self-pity. My life did not seem to have any meaning now as I sat and watched the hour glass endlessly. The heart break had left my entire body and soul broken. Just as the sun rose one day, I noticed the empty half of the hour glass getting filled as the hour passed. That made me realize that my empty heart could be filled one day too. Finally, succumbing to the dose of time I got off my bed and walked ahead to start a new life. This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 19th February 2016 .

Is A Woman's Life Worthy Enough?

Image Source Bangalore has a new rule now where in even the pillion rider is expected to wear a helmet for safety. Most of us welcomed this rule grudgingly, while I was happy to buy a good quality helmet and wear it when ever Cal and I took a ride. Although it was irritating at first and it ruined my hair, after a couple of days I got used to it. I also figured that a helmet did make me feel safe and was happy about the move made by the government. A helmet safe guards the head and it is always better to be safe than sorry. And it is necessary to have a well fitting helmet that covers the head and the jaw line. And one with an ISI mark too. When I went to purchase a helmet for myself there were a lot of couples out there doing the same. But the helmet that most of them chose for their spouse was a cheap plastic one, that looked like an inverted wok. Their thought was simple and yet very loud. We just need a helmet to avoid being caught by the traffic cops. So it can be any helmet

Book Review: The Girl On The Train

Image Source Title: The Girl On The Train Author: Paula Hawkins Publisher:  Random House Genre: Thriller/Crime/Mystery Price: Rs. 210 on Amazon Pages:  325 I had heard so much about this book from various sources, but was still skeptical about picking this up because there are a lot of highly spoken about books that I have not liked even a bit. The Fault In Our Stars being the front runner. But when a few people whose choice in books I trust, recommended this, I decided to finally pick it up. The fact that it is soon going to be made into a movie fueled the decision. I like watching movies based on books. Mainly to see how another human has interpreted the book and next to find out what was better. The book or the movie. More often than not I know that the book would be better, but still curiosity always gets the better of me. I bought the kindle version of the book and gave myself three days to finish it. The story starts off with Rachel Watson, who is the girl on t

The Beautiful Flower

PHOTO PROMPT  © The Reclining Gentleman “ What if I don’t survive? ” Mariam asks her mother. “ You will my dear. ” “ But, the weather will be harsh and hot. The burning sand will hurt my bare feet. ” “ It will hurt only for a while. After that, it will motivate you to get to your destination .” “ But the desert is so vast. It will take me days to get to the other end to meet Abba .” “ Yes, three days at least. But you must go if you have to live .” “ But… ” “ Don’t worry, dear daughter. The most beautiful flower always grows in the harshest of conditions. So will you .” This drabble (100 word fiction) is written for Friday Fictioneers, 12th February 2016 .

Laughing Down The Aisle #LoveAndLaughter

I firmly believe that laughter is something that keeps life going. And a sense of humor is the sexiest trait a partner can have. Humor is not only when we make fun of someone and laugh. You need to be able to laugh at yourself too. Being able to laugh at oneself is quite a feat. And this is exactly what paved way for my love story. The first meeting alone: We had known each other for the whole of our lives and by known I mean that we knew that each other existed. It was at a family occasion that we met and spoke briefly. Then he asked for my number and we began chatting. Our frequencies matched and it was really fun talking to him. We then decided to meet. Since both of us enjoy a drink, we decided to meet one weekend over some old monk and coke. We started talking and did not realize how time flew. A drink turned into five and we were still high on conversation. Finally, the pub authorities asked us to leave and we got up from our seats. We were on the fourth floor and the lif

Dame In Shining Armor

photo by Caroline Knopf The fire rose higher and higher The whole village was engulfed in a flame People screamed hoping for a miracle And then entered in shining armor, a dame She jumped fearlessly into the fire Grabbed people and got them out She bore the heat and pain silently She would save all, there was no doubt There were a lot of people out there And yet she didn't stop for a while She did not say a word to anyone When all were safe, she let out a smile She was badly charred due to the fire Yet one could see happiness on her face Once they realized what she had done  They all knelt down to say grace Her clothes were half torn in the process Some one covered her with a thick cloak They couldn't believe what had happened A lady had saved them and not a bloke She walked away feeling content She had done what she had to do Dragging her feet she walked on Her life she had done justice to She walked to the ne

The Best Year Of My Life

Image Source Early 2015, Cal and I decided that it was about time we moved into a place of our own. For various reasons, some good and some bad, we decided to look out for a space of our own and move before our second anniversary in March. Since both of us work full time, there was hardly any time to go out and look for places to rent. The first day we contacted a broker and went and took a look at a couple of houses. They were really small and uncomfortable, while the rent was huge. We were disappointed and yet determined to move out. The next day Cal got a call (he had left his number on a popular real estate site) from a house owner asking us to go take a look at their house. With zero expectations, we walked into an apartment complex which was very close to the place we both worked. After five minutes, we had decided that this was the place that we would take up. Couple of days later, we spoke to the owner and had a deal drawn up. And on February 9th 2015 , Cal and I moved in

Action Replay: January 2016

Image Source I just realized that I have been doing these Action Replay posts of mine for two whole years now. This was the first one I wrote, and now that I went back and read it I cannot believe that two years have passed since then. I started writing the month end posts just so that I could keep a tab on what all I do per month, but when people started reading and appreciating it I was happily surprised. I write these posts like how I would write a diary and maybe people can relate to it in some way. Personally, I love writing these posts and it takes me back to days that I have loved and loathed at the same time. Looking back at the past few days can do good as well as bad. Good, when you look back and see how far ahead you have come in life. Bad, when an old unpleasant experience sticks with you for a little longer. Nevertheless, I find it important to look back at the month gone by and see how it turned out for me. I also note down what I could have done better. Janua


photo by Francesca Woodman I'm in the air you breathe All around you and yet you cannot see I live your life with you every second You would be long gone without me Look for me in a fresh drop of water There you can see my silhouette I quench your thirst all day long A part of the potion and yet never wet I'm the energy you choose to possess But you will never have me in whole I'm present and absent at the same time I'm intricately linked to your soul A blazing fire slowly forms my shadow Light an extra match for me today Pour out all the feelings that you have Elaborate on love and I might stay I'm the grain of sand you walk on Listening to everything without a sound I match every step you take And yet my feet never touch the ground The ringlet of smoke knows my name Exhale to spill it all out Take me in with all your might Then you'll learn what I'm all about I can spin and vanish into thi

Words, For Sale! Dignity, Free!

Image Source Blogging is a wonderful platform to express your thoughts and views. It also is a great platform to meet like minded readers and writers and make some good friends in the bargain. I for one have made some great friends here who are very close to my heart today. Blogging has made me more aware of the world around me and has helped me grow as a writer. Thanks to various blogging and writing platforms, there are new prompts every single day in case you are struggling with a writer's block. One of the most important aspect of blogging is the monetization. Bloggers normally receive a lot of goodies. Either in the form of contest wins or products/books to review. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, there are a lot of companies willing to pay bloggers a good amount in exchange for a well written article. Sponsored posts, these are called and are a boon to many. I have made quite a lot of money through blogging and I will continue to do so. The money per post is luri

Rejuvenated: Part 2

Read Part-1 here . Image Source The night after the barefoot trek was quite something. There was a sharp pulling pain in my feet and I couldn't bear it any more. My feet were frozen and I couldn't even sit. The super cold weather and the barely there room heater was not helping either. While I was looking around the room to find something to warm my feet, my eyes fell on my hair dryer. Half an hour and a few blasts of hot air later, I was feeling better. By then the hot water was ready and I soaked my feet in a bucket for a good hour. The pain soon turned into a burning sensation before finally turning into moderate relief. A good night's sleep helped heal better too. The next day we visited a Buddhist monastery in Manali, before heading towards Shimla. I find Buddhism fascinating. It is a simple and no nonsense way of spirituality. If I did believe in religion, this one is what I would follow. The place was so quiet and serene that I did not want to leave. We wa