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Dame In Shining Armor

photo by Caroline Knopf

The fire rose higher and higher
The whole village was engulfed in a flame
People screamed hoping for a miracle
And then entered in shining armor, a dame

She jumped fearlessly into the fire
Grabbed people and got them out
She bore the heat and pain silently
She would save all, there was no doubt

There were a lot of people out there
And yet she didn't stop for a while
She did not say a word to anyone
When all were safe, she let out a smile

She was badly charred due to the fire
Yet one could see happiness on her face
Once they realized what she had done 
They all knelt down to say grace

Her clothes were half torn in the process
Some one covered her with a thick cloak
They couldn't believe what had happened
A lady had saved them and not a bloke

She walked away feeling content
She had done what she had to do
Dragging her feet she walked on
Her life she had done justice to

She walked to the nearby shore
Distinct cries for help she could hear
She knew someone was in trouble
She jumped into the water without fear

She managed to save them all
Swimming tirelessly all through the night
Some where during all this strife
She had become her own knight

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 305.


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