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photo by Francesca Woodman

I'm in the air you breathe
All around you and yet you cannot see
I live your life with you every second
You would be long gone without me

Look for me in a fresh drop of water
There you can see my silhouette
I quench your thirst all day long
A part of the potion and yet never wet

I'm the energy you choose to possess
But you will never have me in whole
I'm present and absent at the same time
I'm intricately linked to your soul

A blazing fire slowly forms my shadow
Light an extra match for me today
Pour out all the feelings that you have
Elaborate on love and I might stay

I'm the grain of sand you walk on
Listening to everything without a sound
I match every step you take
And yet my feet never touch the ground

The ringlet of smoke knows my name
Exhale to spill it all out
Take me in with all your might
Then you'll learn what I'm all about

I can spin and vanish into thin air
Call me the phoenix or your karma
I'm watching all that you do
Hidden so that I remain an enigma


  1. Woah! Enigmatic! Conscience the eternal companion.

  2. Intriguing and beautifully penned. :)

  3. Loved this Soumya - what clear images you created and yet an enigma.

  4. THat is SUPERBBBBBBB :) very intriguing


  5. WOW! Totally loving it!!! phoenix or karma... Gonna read it again now, and again... yay for you dear Soumya- keep them coming.. please:-)

    1. Thank you dear Eli! :)

      Will surely keep them coming.

  6. This is brilliant!!
    A riddle in a poetic way :)

  7. You have really managed to create the feel of enigma through your words. Very well done! And that image on top is perfect for the poem.

    1. Thank you Beloo. I saw that image on Magpie Tales and I knew what I wanted to write about.

  8. Wonderful composition! Excellent piece of writing that's poignant & thought-provoking.

  9. Superbly written. Enigma nicely depicted.

  10. Excellent take on the prompts. Now you've made my decision very hard :P

  11. WOW!! I love the imagery the poem evokes and the picture matches perfectly. Very nice, you used all the prompts.

  12. Loved the way it flowed so effortlessly and loved the rhythms. Good use of all the words, too. You are a pro at this, Soumya! Lovely poem!


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