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Being Well Groomed

Image Source One day when I was ready to leave from work and get home, I stopped by the washroom to freshen up like I do everyday. As I was re-applying my lipstick, a colleague walks in and smiles at me. She then proceeds to ask me if I was going out somewhere instead of home. I say no. She then tells me that since I was "dolling up", she expected that I would be going out somewhere. I was annoyed but held my cool. I know a lot of people who take care of themselves very well. I happen to be one of those too. On the other hand, I know of people who dress up only when they have a place to go to. I for one, am someone who is well groomed all the time. I like to look good and neat throughout the day. This means regular makeup touch-ups, deodorant sprays and checking the folds of my shirt, but I do it. It is important to me. Very important in fact. I'm very particular about grooming. I'm well dressed most of the time, with manicured nails and neatly done hair. Chip

His Hands

Image Source His hands Tender and teasing Strumming along my nape Playing and pleasing His hands Tight and strong Holding mine all the time Knowing nothing can go wrong His hands Urgent and exploring Finding every part of my body Making my spine want to sing His hands Play and swirl Along the length of my black mane In response, my toes curl His hands Protective and kind Always by my side Where ever I go, them I find His hands Possessive and wild Pulling me towards him Not once letting me slide His hands Fearful and insecure Grasping my wrist too tight Too painful to endure His hands Strolling around my neck Drowning me in a love abyss Pausing now and then to check His hands One by one close my eye They're still shrouded in doubt Cradling a smile as I die

A to Z 2016: Theme Reveal

This is the third consecutive year that I'll be participating in the A to Z challenge. I used a random theme for 2014 and went with 'Shades Of Love' for 2015. This year I want to do something different. A to Z challenge is a very difficult one with having to put up a post everyday except Sundays. You clearly run out of stuff to write about at times. With a simple theme like love, I could write poetry, fiction or just a random scribble. So it was a little easy then. This time I want to do something more easier as I would have very limited with me. I realize that I do not write much about myself on my blog except for some rants or opinions. So I thought of a theme that would be simple and yet would help my readers know a little more about me. So here we go. My theme for A to Z 2016 is: I would talk a lot about myself this April. My likes, dislikes, opinions on various topics, personal battles and everything that has to do with me. Since I don't have to make u

The 18th Letter

Image Source I can't believe you turn eighteen today I still remember the day I felt you inside me I was young, rebellious and adventurous Myself as a mother I couldn't see I nurtured you for nine whole months Giving you the best of all that I had I even grieved for you a little bit Realizing you would never know your dad He left after that one night I don't even have his name I am too scared to admit this As I cover my bulging belly in shame I had to give you up This was for your own good I couldn't do anything for you I wanted you to enjoy your childhood I found a good family for you I know that they treat you like their own son This is the life you deserve, my dear boy Not like mine, hiding and on the run I hope you understand why I did this Also know that I would never forget you Every year I send you a letter on this day You are still fresh in my memory like dew I remember those tiny hands and feet

The Two Men In My Life

Image Source This post was originally supposed to be out on Women's Day, but lack of time did not let that happen. Next, it was blog anniversary and I got busy with setting up the blog. So here it is today. Better late than never, right? I'm a fiercely independent woman, but I would not be what I am without the love and support of two men. They are the most important men in my life and I love them very much. First is my father. When you belong to middle class family, the birth of the second daughter is expected to create a stir of agony. But my dad was very happy when his second child turned out to be a girl. We were loved immensely and me being the younger one was pampered to the core. Not once did my parents cry about the fact that they did not have a son. We were given all the luxuries that they could afford back then. Right from the best of the education to all other amenities. My dad used to be ridiculed about being poor and having two daughters. But he never showe

We Turn Seven

Image Source Seven years ago, on March 9th, I opened blogger for the first time and created a blog. And today I'm writing my 1095th post. Wow, what a journey it has been. It just feels like yesterday when I wrote my first post. Life has changed so much since then and this blog has been a very important part of it. I never knew that I could write until I started writing. Blogging was pretty new back in 2009 and there were hardly any good quality blogs around for me to see as an example. I was going through a difficult phase, and somehow my blog helped me heal. But did I think I would last this long? Honestly, no. I am a person who quickly gets bored of things. Mundane routine is not for me. But somehow, writing kept me going. And in return I kept it going. And soon it became so important to me that I could not do without it. Till date I try my best to write as often as I can and as often as time permits. When I started off, I was heart-broken. Fresh out of a breakup with a l

Booby Trap

Image Source It's Women's Day tomorrow and I have just received a mail telling us to wear ethic wear at work tomorrow to celebrate the occasion. Because celebrating women means, you tell them to wear something that they are most uncomfortable wearing. Right? Well, that's true in at least my case. So how many of us are all set to do something big this day? I'm not someone who would believe in this concept, nor am I someone who says every day is women's day and act like a rebel. What bothers me are the set of women who walk around trying to prove a point to the entire world about how women are supposed to be treated better. I'm all for it. I am a feminist too, let us not forget that. Having said that, I'm that kind of feminist who believes that men and women should be treated equally. I'm not that kind of woman who feels the need to show her bra in public, well because I can or put up pictures of my stained clothes while on my period. Why? Because wo

They Say Love is Costly, Don’t Let Your Wedding Be

Image Source The first thing that I do every month on receiving my salary is pay off the loans and bills. I took a personal loan years ago, to finance my wedding. And I’m paying for it with interest till date. The first thought of a parent when they give birth to a daughter is the expense for her wedding. Even though that moment would be decades away, the thought will still strike. We cannot blame them. Indian society is known for its big fat wedding which is mainly to display the wealth of a family rather than celebrate the union of two souls. Mine was one such wedding too. By the end of it, my husband, my family, his family and I were all squeezed of our savings and had piled on debt in the bargain. As I pay off installments of this loan month after month, I realize how unnecessary this was. I could have instead got married in a much simpler way and saved our families from all this financial trouble. Marriage is a beautiful union of two souls and only that should be celebrate

Make Up: Fair, Fairer, Fairest

Image Source I am a dusky woman and proud of it. In a country that is obsessed with fairness, I am happy to be the minority and I'm more than comfortable with my skin. But yes, the society does not let me be at times. With every woman wanting a fair bride for her son (doesn't matter if her son is of the darkest shade) and every alternate ad on TV being about fairness creams, it is not easy to be dark in India. Growing up, you get to listen to people calling you ugly. Next, people are telling your parents about how they will never be able to find a groom for you since you are so dark. Then there are people who refuse to touch you, thinking that the "blackness" will rub off onto them. And no matter what the occasion or the situation, there always will be an aunty who will give you tips on becoming fair. No, Thank You! As annoyed as I was about this prejudice, I did not think much about it until I went out looking for make up. I have plenty of scars from acne and

Emotional Fool

Image Source When Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar, everyone was filled with joy. I was too, but I was bawling my eyes out as I watched him go up and collect his award. I have loved him as an actor since What's Eating Gilbert Grape and I seriously think that he deserved an Oscar for most of his roles. I haven't watched The Revenant yet, but I was just happy that he had won. I cried non-stop for a good ten minutes. Another extra two minutes for his speech. What a man! And I'm not the one to cry easily. But some people just bring out the emotional fool in me. Yes, while the whole world perceives me to be strong, bold and arrogant I gently nurse the emotional side of me. I do not show it out very often. Only the people who are very close to me have seen this side of me. For me everything revolves around emotions. Love being the strongest of it all. And at times I do let emotions take over me. I don't know if you would call this being sensitive or being emoti

Size Matters

painting by Cesar Santos Talk all you want about my body It does not matter to me I'm more than all of you put together And yet only my size you can see Who defined the perfect body To look like a fragile hour glass I do not want to comply to this This body shaming, I shall pass I am happy the way I am I have curves, here and there Cellulite and stretch marks appear too I love them, why do you care Small, medium, large or bigger It is just a label after all Why desperately try to fit in Instead choose comfort and stand tall People will continue to laugh Like their body, their minds are thin Pay no heed to them Carrying some extra weight is not a sin What matters is how healthy you are Your stats have nothing to do with it Take care of yourself the way you want to Do not worry, as long as you're fit Ignore the vanity and march ahead Paint your life with your own color chart Size sometimes does matter Only