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The 18th Letter

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I can't believe you turn eighteen today
I still remember the day I felt you inside me
I was young, rebellious and adventurous
Myself as a mother I couldn't see

I nurtured you for nine whole months
Giving you the best of all that I had
I even grieved for you a little bit
Realizing you would never know your dad

He left after that one night
I don't even have his name
I am too scared to admit this
As I cover my bulging belly in shame

I had to give you up
This was for your own good
I couldn't do anything for you
I wanted you to enjoy your childhood

I found a good family for you
I know that they treat you like their own son
This is the life you deserve, my dear boy
Not like mine, hiding and on the run

I hope you understand why I did this
Also know that I would never forget you
Every year I send you a letter on this day
You are still fresh in my memory like dew

I remember those tiny hands and feet
But today you would be a handsome man
Sometimes I imagine how you look
Dark curly hair, skin with a tan

There will be no more letters, my darling
Now it is time for you to soar and fly
Do try to make your new parents proud
I will be watching from far, with a tear in my eye

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 308.


  1. That was beautiful, Soumya. Heartbreaking and so touching. I like how you made the poem like a narrative and yet it felt like a poem, too. Giving a baby up must be one of the hardest things and you always wonder about what might have been. Wonderfully written!

  2. Soumya, this is one of the best poems I read from you. Superb. SO many emotions.

  3. Oh that is lovely! There is pain, love and hope. Well done!

  4. The letter is saddening from a mother's perspective. Though she wishes him for his future but there is a pain in her heart. I hope she is not leading a lonely life.

  5. Love the story in poem. Beautifully penned

  6. Amazing piece of writing Soumya! Loved this !

  7. I could see her whole life in just those few verses. Amazing!

  8. A sad sacrifice to make. Well done.

  9. I felt sad for her. I really did :(

  10. I was so sad in the end. You know how to turn words to poems. Beautiful!

  11. Wow. Such a sad and beautiful poem.


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