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They Say Love is Costly, Don’t Let Your Wedding Be

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The first thing that I do every month on receiving my salary is pay off the loans and bills. I took a personal loan years ago, to finance my wedding. And I’m paying for it with interest till date. The first thought of a parent when they give birth to a daughter is the expense for her wedding. Even though that moment would be decades away, the thought will still strike. We cannot blame them. Indian society is known for its big fat wedding which is mainly to display the wealth of a family rather than celebrate the union of two souls. Mine was one such wedding too. By the end of it, my husband, my family, his family and I were all squeezed of our savings and had piled on debt in the bargain. As I pay off installments of this loan month after month, I realize how unnecessary this was. I could have instead got married in a much simpler way and saved our families from all this financial trouble.

Marriage is a beautiful union of two souls and only that should be celebrated. The pomp and glory should not be allowed to steal the thunder from the couple. Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, let it not be expensive.

The idea is to have a day that you will look back at with a smile. You do not want to look back at the most important day of your life and see a mountain of debt.

Have a simple wedding and take a grand honeymoon with the money instead. At least here, you will be creating memories.

Read about a few tips and tricks that will help you plan your wedding well without burning a hole in your pocket here.


  1. This was a thought I had even when I was a teen. I dont understand why one has to show off on a wedding day. Why can't it be a simple one? Why should the whole world be invited? You know people get offended if they are not invited to the wedding of a relative, knowing that how they are related to each other is not even known to the family elders!

    1. Isn't it so stupid? My wedding had close to 4000 people I barely knew 40 of them!

      Such a waste of money. If I could do it again, I'd elope :P

  2. Cheerz to that Soumya. i find it stupid to indulge people in a marriage that unites two souls yet guests will make merry when we hardly know most of them. Gosh! 4,000!! That's huge!!


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