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His & His #PrayForOrlando

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In an instant, everything changed
The music soon turned to a scream
It all unfolded like a painful drama
Scarier than any ghastly dream

It happened right in front of me
In a room that was filled with love
One second people were holding hands
Then it all became about push and shove

We all were trying to survive
The world looks down upon us anyway
All we did was fall in love
And yet others had lots to say

The first shot shook me up
From where I was, I saw him fall
The screams of others blinded me 
For help, I couldn't even call

He shot at the crowd randomly
Spitting and hurling abuses all the while
I ran and hid in the bathroom
When I looked back I saw the bodies pile

I managed to call my mother
Told her I loved her for the last time
She couldn't believe what was happening
Loving someone was not a crime

He did come for me soon
I lay down, pretending to be dead
I thought he would walk past me
But I felt a bevy of bullets instead

In those last minutes I looked at him
His face was slathered with hate
He looked like he wanted to do this
Like it was a part of his fate

Fifty of us lost our lives
But humanity died a thousand deaths that day
Those who survived would never live
The price of love, they'll have to pay

Homosexuality is not a sin
Taking a life surely is
Why should a gun be able to decide
The fate of his and his


  1. Such a poignant tribute to the victims and families of the #OrlandoShootings.
    I can't believe that the US is still taking 'gun control' so easy.

  2. Poignant. Very well written. For every 10 steps mankind takes towards love and compassion, there is someone there that takes us 10 steps back. May they all find peace and their families strength.

  3. Its a heart touching tribute Soumya. I loved the line 'All we did is fall in love'. Personally, I really cannot understand why anybody should be bothered about anyone's personal preferences.

  4. Such a sad and tragic incident. What is our world turning into... where taking life is becoming so easy every day. Poignant and powerful!!

    1. Really sad place, this world is becoming. Thanks Raj!

  5. Very poignant and well written piece.
    It such a tragic incident.

    1. Thanks Parul. Breaks my heart every time I think of it.

  6. A touching tribute to Orlando. It is so shocking what happened, it amazes me that such heartless people should exist in this world.


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