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Turning Thirty

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You know how well my creative juices have been flowing thanks to the cliched title of this post. So yeah, I turned thirty this month. Also, on a scale of one to ten, ten being the busiest one can get, I turned thirty on that one too. I've been wanting to write this post since my birthday on the 8th, but with 12 hours of work a day and working on weekends, it was almost impossible. Not that it is all done now, but things are definitely better and stable now. So now let's come to my birthday. While I did have a Joey's moment as I cut the cake at midnight, I did not wake up with any blues in the morning. It was a Monday and both Cal and I had taken a leave to celebrate the day. Not having to go to office on a Monday was a gift in itself. For the first time ever, growing old did not bother me. I'm not the one to think much about age and try to act young. For me, when life is going on smooth, I have nothing to complain about. Not even about growing old.

Cal and I spent the whole day together and went to fabulous places for lunch and dinner. Good food always sets the mood right and soon we were lost in conversation. I got some really wonderful gifts that included the entire collection of ''Harry Potter", along with the eighth book. I think it is about time I give this a go. I know it was written roughly around twenty years ago and I'm reading fantasy fiction at the age of thirty. But hey, what's to lose? Once I'm done with the current book I'm reading (at snail's pace, thanks to all the work bestowed on me), I shall pick this up. Rest of the birthday was super fun as Cal and I reminisced about all our birthdays together. It was my fifth birthday that we were celebrating together and we opened the box of memories and fell in love all over again. Turning thirty couldn't have been better.

Growing old obviously leaves you with a few lessons. If there is one thing that the past few months have taught me is to let go and sit back. At least once in a while. I'm that sort of person who cannot sit idle even for a second. I need to be on top of everything and make sure everything gets done the way I want it to be. Life is not that simple too, right? When I had my eye surgery last month and was stuck with clear boredom, I wanted to break open my invisible shackles and try to conquer the world. But the doctor had advised me rest. Cal was working from home for a week to take care of me and he did take care of me like a baby. And I was one cranky baby to say the least. He cooked all our meals and cleaned up after that. He sat and listened to my tantrums and held my hand through it. I wanted to help him out in the kitchen, but he didn't let me. He told me that when I'm getting the chance to rest I should and that at times it is okay to let others do things for you. Well, valuable lesson learnt.

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When I was considerably younger, thirty was the age I had in mind to get married. I don't know why, but I felt that was the suitable age for me to get married. I got married at twenty six instead. Earlier it was about the right time, but at twenty six I realized that it was about the right person. When you have found the right person to spend your life with, why wait? Today I'm in the fourth year of marriage and I couldn't be happier. I love the man I'm married to, but I'm not too big a fan of marriage as an institution. I don't like the added responsibilities and forced relationships that comes with it.

I'm not a person who likes to adjust and Cal was very clear that I should never have to adjust. He did not want me to change even one bit. He fell in love with the person I was and he wanted nothing of it to change. So did I. The first two years of marriage was hell for me, but I could get past it only because of the person who was standing strong next to me. He's been my rock. He's been supportive of everything I love. When I was working non stop over the past few weeks and on the weekends even, he just let me do it without complaining one bit. Of course he wasn't happy with the fact that I was over working but he knew that it had to be done. Like I said before, it is all about the right person. And I couldn't be more happier about being married today.

Life obviously is different when compared to a few years ago. I've let go of a lot of so called friends and am very happy with the tight bunch that I have now. I have also become more aware of people and their antics. I don't let anyone take me for granted anymore. I respect people based on their deeds and don't bother to interact with the people I have no respect for. It's my choice after all, isn't it? I have also let go of a lot of old grudges that I had held within me. It doesn't affect me anymore. I continue to believe in karma and act accordingly. I lead a peaceful and content life today and I couldn't be more happier. I have also turned wise over the past few years. Naah, not that age does that to you but I have begun to understand life better. I know what suits me the best and what kind of people I need to stay away from. But I cannot deny one thing. People will always continue to be my nemesis.

I just stepped into a new decade of life a few weeks ago. For now, I'm thirty and I'm loving it.


  1. A your kind of post for your birthday. So lovely that you had a memorable day.
    I agree that marriage is beautiful cos of the person one chooses to marry. Additionally, people who come in our lives - let them go of they don't deserve your time.
    Hope work gets better for you, Soumya.

  2. Happy belated birthday. I guess at some point or the other, there are changes in all of us where we prioritize things for us. Before turning 30, I was freaking out and shuddered on turning 30 and I am well past that stage, and quite comfortable. Though I am a child inside and keep doing immature stuffs in life. Enjoyed reading about your life, Soumya.

  3. You go, babe. Be who you are always - fearless, happy, smart and sexy. I LOVE you the way you are. Hugs and happy 30th again to one of the most wonderful women I know :)

  4. Good food does set the mood right. A very happy birthday to you... this is so your kind of post... packed with power and learning :) hope things at work are slowing down. 12 hours sounds very stressful. Have a great time.

  5. The last para sums it up all.. Its our life. Our choice after all.. And celebrating that life with the person whom you choose, is the best birthday gift life could offer :)
    Have a great year ahead

  6. Happy birthday again, Soumya. So lovely that you had a wonderful day and spent it with the most important person in your life. One of the best things about getting older is getting wiser with life lessons. You are absolutely living life on your own terms and that is just fantastic. Wishing you a great year ahead.

  7. Happy birthday again Soumya.. If life is wonderful, one should never complain. You are right there.

  8. I was wondering why you haven't written in so many days. I even thought that well, she's updating her instagram so all should be ok!! :)
    30s suck only in one way - somehow losing weight becomes very tough!! Rest is all a mind game. We will be heroines forever!

  9. Happy 30th. We all do get into a sort of introspection on bdays. But for me I think life really began after i crossed thirty. Hope u have lesser . stressfulness at work - 12 hours now that's long working hours. Have fine and do enjoy the small joysbof your life.

  10. waiting to join your club in next 5 years :)

  11. Happy Thirties Dear :)

    I know, 12 hours is totally shitty! I've been there and still doing about 10 daily; up for an increment, you know ;)

    But sounds like you still had a good time.

    Now I know why you're on a reading spree with HP ;)

    Not everyone is blessed with such a partner who does not want their partner to adjust, so congrats for that.

    Stay happy, keep writing, especially the poetry :)

  12. Thank you so much dear Anmol :)


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