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17 Years & Counting

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Circa 1999:

I had just changed school and had moved to a convent for the eight grade. This was an all girls school and it was a little difficult for me to adjust as I had been a part of co-education until now. I was always a tomboy and being only around girls was something new. I am someone who makes friends easily and soon had a circle of my own friends in the new class. After the first exam, I turned out to be the topper and I was enjoying my popularity in a relatively new place. This made me gain more friends. Some of who were happy for my success and others who just wanted to be a part of my circle. I had many friends, but not one I could relate to. Then one fine day, in the middle of the term a new girl joined the class. Shy and introverted, I still recall her round brown glasses. Of course, I stayed away from her at first. Silent people were never my cup of tea. I like the loud, brash ones. In short, people who are like me.

A few months passed and we got talking. She was everything that I was not but somehow we had a lot to talk about. This continued for a couple of years and soon we were in the last year of school. We grew closer and I finally had found someone who I could call my best friend. The others in my circle were not happy with it. You know teenagers and their silly jealously. Long story short, they created quite a lot of misunderstanding between us (yes, we were stupid enough to let that happen) and soon she and I were no longer friends, let alone best friends. We stopped talking to each other by the start of the last term and we did not even speak to each other during the farewell on the last day of school. I knew that was the last day I would be seeing her and at that time I was glad about it.

Circa 2004: 

It was time for the Common Entrance Test and my center was another college in the city. I'm not the one to revise or go through notes just before the exam, so I was just standing outside the exam center and waiting for the invigilator to call us in. It was really sunny and I was cursing the blazing heat. Amidst this frustration and exam tension, I spotted her! After two whole years. The invigilator called us in just at that time and I went inside having only the next one hour in mind. I had prepared really hard for the exam and I did pretty well. As I was walking out of the center after the exam to my father who was waiting outside for me to finish, I spotted her again. I looked closer to check if it was her. Well, the glasses had now changed, but it was her alright. She had not noticed me though. So, did I speak to her? The pride in me did not let that happen. I came back home and was worried about the results instead.

A few days later:

I did have many friends in my life, thanks to the new college I was in now. But again, friends. Not someone I could call a best friend. That's when I thought of her again. For once, throwing my pride aside I looked for her number in my old telephone diary. There it was. Those days there were only landlines and each call was very expensive. I made the call and asked for her. She seemed surprised, but didn't mention it. We started talking again like nothing had happened. We were still as different as chalk and cheese, but the conversations brought us together. Again. We met soon after the call.

The first vacation we took together after 16 years of friendship! Goaaaaa.

There has been no looking back since then. She has been a part of every important phase of my life since then. No, we do not talk everyday and have very different priorities. But we love and respect each other for what we are. We have seen each other's love stories and have found solace in each other during heart breaks. We even tried drinking and smoking for the first time together. In her house, when her parents were away. Every time her parents were away we would have crazy drinking parties. Just the both of us. Midnight maggi and endless tears and conversations, we have seen it all and grown up together. Today as independent working married women, we still take out time to meet each other as and when we can. Our husbands are good friends too and together we all have great fun. She's going to be stepping into a new phase of life soon. Although I have voluntarily stayed away from it, I'm really excited for her. I know how much this means to her and as long as she is happy, I'm happy.

A few months ago.

When I heard of ZEE TV's Yaaron Ki Baraat, the journey of our friendship flashed in front of my eyes. And today I'm so glad that I put my pride aside and picked up the phone to rekindle a relationship that I value very high today.

17 down, forever to go.

This my friends, is the story of Priya and I.


  1. That was such a sweet story of friendship Soumya! :)

  2. I must confess - I don't think I've ever heard you 'gush with warmth' while writing or speaking about somebody else - apart from Cal, of course.


  3. That's an amazing bond, you two. Reading through, I remembered my bestie. Annoying each other since 1987.

    1. Hahaha, it is nice to have someone like that in our lives na :)

  4. I read this and immediately was reminded of my bestie. Pretty much the same story. Met on first day of college, different as chalk and cheese, became close, parted and then got together to never part. This made me real mushy. You know what they say, if you have one best friend in the world, you are lucky. Two then you are rich. Well, touchwood in both our cases. :)

  5. now that's friendship. It literally stood the test of time. I never had too many friends... just a few close ones I am still in contact with. Your story reminds me of my best friend from college :) It's so nice to see your pictures and how you have grown over the time :)


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