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Blind Chaos

The path is crowded with thick fog
It pierces every part of me, her scream
Blinded, I slowly try to trace the path
Not too sure if I'm in a dream

A sharp stone pierces my bare foot
Almost to prove that I'm still awake
Cries of plea cloud my ears
I hear the shackles she's trying to break

I soon bump into an old ripped tree
This seems to be an unknown jungle
Suddenly, fear grips me from all sides
I now know I can't afford to fumble

I need to find and save her
Her screams get more desperate
There is no longer a strength in her voice
Almost like she's surrendered to fate

I look around the thick smoke
Straining my eyes to fine her silhouette
I see faint colors and abstract hues
But I feel no trace of her yet

I now hear loud sobs
I feel her tears drizzle on me
I'm getting wet as I walk
The source of which I cannot see

Her desperation hits me like a blaze
Burning me from deep within
Why is she being tormented?
Has she committed a deadly sin?

I feel closer to the melancholy now
I hear the agony more clear
I just want to find her soon
No more pain I want her to bear

Her screams now deafen me
Stinging me deep through the core
Every part of me now burning
Not feeling her presence anymore

I hear the shackles loud and clear
But this woman I cannot see
When the scream threatens to break me apart
I realize that it is coming from within me


  1. I always say that beauty of poetry is reflected when written in proper format and syntax. Your composition proves it. Nice work.

  2. Fabulous. Only you can word these so well and then make them all shine. So well written.

  3. Brilliant. This one is simply brilliant. I read it twice - the first time to fulfill my curiosity , and the second time in awe.

  4. Such potency in the imagery here. I like the build up of visual artistry in the piece and of course, the conclusion.

  5. Wow. So much depth, so powerful. Hats off to you! Simply loved the way you weaved the words.

  6. Amazing! Each time your poetry mesmerizes me Soumya! Nicely done.

  7. Wow! This is such a beautiful poem. You created such strong imagery. Loved it. :)


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