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Born From Fire

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I live my life the way I want
Why do others have a problem with it?
I let go of people who don't matter to me
And others, in my life, I always fit

I wear the clothes that I like
Short, long, wide or deep
The length of my skirt is my choice
Why so desperately you want to peep?

Let the tongues wag as they want
In my life I take a stance
Life is a really long journey
And I don't want to leave it to chance

I make my rules and live by it
I know I'm not doing anything wrong
Yes, I haven't always got the support
But it has only made me strong

I have people who love me the way I am
A handful of them is all I need
People are surprised as I succeed and march ahead
Their eyes are clouded with greed

My tactics might not have always worked
Every failure has been a lesson
I have stood strong through every battle
From troubles, I have never run

I have scars one too many
Like a badge I wear them proud
Each one of them shows I'm a survivor
I stand away from the "perfect" crowd 

Nobody likes someone who breaks the norm
We're forced to bow to convention
I was alienated because I didn't do this
This left broken many a relation

I know people wish for my downfall
They want to burn my every desire
I pity all these foolish folks
They don't know that I'm born from fire


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