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Pull Up Your Socks

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You have a lot of things on your mind
But what you are lacking is the time
Life suddenly feels all rushed
Stopping for breath feels like a crime

You are swamped with too many things
Nothing you do seems to go right
Before you quit take a second to think
Do you want to leave without a fight?

We all have these ups and downs
Sometimes nothing seems to go our way
This will not go on for ever
Soon the sun will shine and you'll make hay

It is all about holding on strong
Nothing in life comes very easy
You need to keep walking straight
Even if the path makes you dizzy

Stop for a while and think it through
Make a plan and stick to it
Take one step at a time
Your destination will seem closer bit by bit

Multitasking is never easy
Nor is it an absolute must
Prioritize your tasks well
Planning should always come first

Grab a cup of coffee now
Clear your head and make a start
One by one march ahead
Striking tasks off your chart

In the end you'll be the winner
Every battle would have been successfully fought
It is time you pull up your socks
And achieve more than you ever thought