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Call It Magic

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They say love is nothing short of magic
After all it makes the world go round
When it comes to a realist like me
Balderdash, these all did sound

You'll feel the butterflies they said
I laughed knowing I'll feel nothing
But when it did happen
I felt this love was quite something

The first time I fell in love was beautiful
I did feel something within too
But magic was far away from it
Even though it seemed too good to be true

When that came crashing down
It took a part of me with it
Love was thrown off my list
Making me cynical bit by bit

I stayed away from this feeling
But it did come looking for me 
I chose not to lose myself in it
Practical here I chose to be

It felt good while it lasted
Towards the end it got tragic
I had experienced love before
And yet I had never felt the magic

One fine day, everything changed
Feeling butterflies seemed like a must
Rainbows and unicorns smiled at me
While I felt a storm of pixie dust

He changed the concept of love for me
As I let myself fall completely into it
I never knew I was incomplete
Until together we perfectly fit

Everything I wanted came true
Love felt more beautiful than ever
This is what I was waiting for
Which finally came in as a forever

Years have passed and I feel the same
The fairy lights and the sparks shine bright
The air around now sings for me
I hear a melody day and night

We now count the rainbows together
Growing old together has never felt so nice
I've been a firm believer of magic
From the day I've looked in to his eyes


  1. Beautiful! Loved the verse. Stay blessed, both of you.

  2. Thats a very beautiful poem. When it happens, the violins do play. I felt that too. And lucky are you to find a loving soulmate.

  3. Lovely, lovely! All find love in their own time and it's not necessary that everyone feels the same while in love, but yeah, the essence kind of remains same and until it isn't, it might not be love. Loved the journey you have portrayed here :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Anmol :)

  4. Wheather love lasts or not, it worth the experience.

  5. Beautifully written poem and so relatedable. The lines - I've been a firm believer of magic, From the day I've looked in to his eyes <3.

    1. Thank you Harini! I'm glad you could relate to it.

  6. Oh, that is so beautifully written. Loved it!!! Stay in love, stay blessed sweetie:-)

  7. Love is totally the most beautiful thing. Wether it is the passion the butterflies are the innocent love, it surely fills the heart and brings pain when broken.... So true Sowmya.

  8. Wish you the best, may the music never die

  9. A great blog and a writer. I followed your blog because a friend of mine recommended your blog as i am new in blogspot. She said she's been following you since you many many years, which means when you are still single and up to date. She said you are a brilliant writer and i am confirming now , yes you are !


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