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Three, Two, One

Image Source Three, the minutes left before you leave Another year of missing your touch As I count the passing minutes and seconds Everyday I love you twice as much Two, our bodies entwined in a dance Without any music, we glide along Our eyes form a symphonic melody As out heartbeats make the perfect song

It's All In The Mind

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll "Stop making up things, nothing is wrong with you." "Do not over analyse small things. Why over think so much?" "Why are you so quiet, why can't you just be your usual self?" "Pray, it will help you feel better." "Stop this attention seeking." "There is nothing, it is all in your head. It is a psychological problem."

Corporate Circus #3: Lifted Spirits

Image Source Apart from my desk where I diligently work and seldom resort to entertainment in the form of checking social media, I get entertained the most in the office elevators. Office elevators and I have a love hate relationship. I'm claustrophobic and hate to step into an elevator. Whenever I can, I choose the stairs, but since my work station is at the fifth floor I do not have the luxury of taking the stairs all the time. Whenever I am late to work, I take the elevator to reach my seat quickly. But since Murphy rules my life, the lift decides to stop at every floor. Now, I am not here to talk about my problem with elevators. The problem I have is with the people who I share the elevator with. Since I work in a huge corporate, the number of people in my office is equivalent to the population of a small country. At times it feels like all of them are waiting in the lift lobby. You should be very lucky if you are able to wade through the crowd and make it to a lift tha

Purple Dreams

Image Source I squint my eyes and look closely The purple field ahead invites me Confused I slowly set my foot in Everywhere only purple I see The leaves brush against my legs The gentle flowers tickle my chin I feel happiness envelope me Through every pore of my skin Maybe this is what they call magic I love this warm fuzzy feeling A butterfly comes flapping its wings Placing on my finger a purple ring

Book Review: The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Image Source Title: The Memory Keeper's Daughter Author: Kim Edwards Publisher: Penguin UK (26 April 2007) Genre: Contemporary Fiction Price: Rs. 225 on Amazon Pages: 432 This was just another random book that I found on Goodreads. What caught my attention was the title and the haunting cover of the book. Till date when I look at that frail white dress, it breaks my heart. I hadn't even heard about the author before that. The ratings were pretty good too but I kept going back to the title. It was so beautiful and the blurb was exciting enough for me to place an order for the book. I have learnt to read books with zero expectations these days. I start with an empty slate and work my way up through it. ' The Night Circus ' was the first book that I read without expectations and it just blew my mind! I started this one the same way too.

Monday Musings #14

Image Source

When Wounds Heal You

Image Source We all come with a share of wounds Teaching us so much in the bargain While some disappear without scars They still leave behind the pain Some wounds never hurt As a reminder they stay on The cause of it is forgotten The relevant memory long gone Some of them exhaust you Grabbing your throat, they never leave They shatter your life in many ways While you pick up the remnants with a sieve

Action Replay: April 2017

Image Source While February and March was all about hope, April was all about strength and self belief. It wasn't an easy time for me as I was dealing with a lot of pressure at work along with some conflict within me. I was battling insomnia and trying to get past the day like I'd rested for ten whole hours. To top it up, I was a part of the A to Z challenge for April as well. It was chaos, chaos and chaos all over. The work pressure was mounting and that left me little time for myself. I plunged in head first into work like I do always. But this time the reason was different. I was going through something unpleasant within me that I needed all the distraction possible. Like always, I turn to work and office for distraction. The only place I feel sorted is at my work. While my focus was all over the place, at work it fell into place perfectly.