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When Wounds Heal You

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We all come with a share of wounds
Teaching us so much in the bargain
While some disappear without scars
They still leave behind the pain

Some wounds never hurt
As a reminder they stay on
The cause of it is forgotten
The relevant memory long gone

Some of them exhaust you
Grabbing your throat, they never leave
They shatter your life in many ways
While you pick up the remnants with a sieve

Each wound comes with a lesson
A staccato rhythm of piercing pain
In the end you'll see the light
Like clouds lifted after heavy rain

Usually wounds do heal with time
The dose of which we never know
Not all wounds come from outside
Some of them, we ourselves sow

We get used to these wounds
Like a vital organ you hang on to it
You may think it is working for you
But it'll enslave you bit by bit

Some wounds never tend to heal
Mainly because you water it everyday
No matter how much it pricks you
To it only good things you'll say

Soon you'll see a flower bloom from it
Something so pretty, how can you heal?
Maybe it has come to sort you out
Maybe, with the pain it will help you deal


  1. So very true and beautiful Soumya!

  2. hmmm...yep, every wound comes with a lesson no doubt and some wounds never heal because we keep scratching it everyday.

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  3. You could turn all your scars to stars - look for the lesson, learn, heal. Even if the cause is forgotten, the lessons remain.


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