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Back To You

image by Sarolta Ban

I still remember that phone call
The day when my life stood still
Since the day you turned your back
The void in my heart no one could fill

The pain pierced through me every second
I let it kill me day after day
I was soon losing my senses
For the heart, the mind did pay

Year after year, I shed a tear
I tried hard but couldn't let go
The more I tried to lock you out
The memories only continued to grow

One fine day I saw the light
I was determined to forget you
I packed all your thoughts away
I decided to start life anew

I threw your memories far away
I was happy to have nipped the bud
I took it to some strange place
And buried it deep inside the mud

Life looked bright instantly 
I decided to strongly move on
The void was slowly filling up
Your presence was now gone

I walked ahead with charged hope
Found a new path to take
I would leave behind everything
A new memory now I'd make

Soon I realized how wrong I was
In my heart, you'll always be my lover
For this was the lane I'd buried you
Your memories were now sprouting a flower


  1. it is sad when relations break .. but one door closes another opens always and GOD is great ..


  2. Ah your words are so beautiful! They capture the pain of letting go so well. We do what we need to do in order to move on but it isn't that easy, is it? Heartbreak is a cruel thing.

    1. Thank you dear Shy! Cruel yes, but it sure is a great teacher.

  3. Despite the fact that time does heal a broken relationship, memories of such relationships do always stay within. Sigh!!!

  4. It's beautiful Soumya and you bring a flurry of pain on break up. You know the thing is with such kind of things are the more we push them, the more come to touch us.

    The poet has touched my heart and soul.

    1. Sadly, that is true.

      And I'm glad I could :)

  5. They become a part of us and we a part of them that in a particular way it is difficult to forget them. I have always had bits and pieces of people who left in me that I have often wondered how people could just leave and never turn back. It is a skill I lack. So beautifully penned :)

    1. At times this could be a life saving skill. Harsh, but true.

      Thanks Ranjini. :)

  6. This is sad but sometimes one can do nothing but move on.

  7. Oh God. You know me well enough to know that this affected me a lot. It was beautiful.


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