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I'm not trying to be a tease
Maybe I'm a reminder in some way
I'm something you can never have
Even though you dream of me night and day

I'll intoxicate you every second
In your hands, I slowly burn
I'll toss and lie by your side
But I'll be gone when you turn

Seduction is an art they say
I'll tempt you into temptation
We'll ride the passion wagon together
I'll disappear when we get to the station

You'll give yourself to me
Lose your soul and sense to my touch
I have you captured in my essence
You heart's now firm in my clutch

Your promises do take shape
Around my finger, a hazy ring
I'm no traitor, I burn for you
Taste me dear, feel the sting

A short term companion I am
Forever is something I can never do
When I'm around, I'm all there
To your lust, I've always been true

You'll never be able to own me
But my presence shall always linger
I know you'll try to capture me
Like smoke, I'll escape through your finger


  1. Ouuu, very smooth elegant---- like I can feel the smoke dance quietly around... your words. or me doing the same - loved this poem alot - so well written:-)

  2. Very mysterious. Nice play of words. :)


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