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Action Replay + Gratitude List: August 2018

Image Source As expected, August was a fantastic month. No, not only because I had my birthday this month, but because of a lot of other things. August again, has been a month of learnings and experiences. Once you let go off a few thoughts and focus on newer things, it is amazing how fresh things fall in your lap. One of the most important things that I did this month, was to apologize to my mind and let it breathe. I strive so hard to be a perfectionist and do everything I can that I'm stressed most of the time. This month I had way too many headaches thanks to this. One day, when I was at work and felt like I was almost going to pass-out because of a headache, I knew that I had to do something about it. I was over-worked, over-stressed and over-agitated. I could feel another burn-out approaching and I did not want to go through it again. Gave my mind a short holiday and things seemed better from there.

Dear Mind, I'm Sorry

Image Source Dear mind, I'm sorry For not thinking about you soon I know I keep you overworked Morning, night and noon Dear mind, I'm sorry For plaguing you with list after list Too many things to remember As I fight hand over fist

The Art Of Unlearning

Image Source As we grow up, we learn a lot of things. I do believe that every person who comes into your life teaches you something. Every situation that you encounter does too. All of us have been given the same set of cards, what we do with it makes all the difference. How do we learn what to do with it? Life teaches you that by putting you in certain situations and bringing certain people in to your life. I have always been a keen learner, be it art, cooking, professional work or anything new that fascinates me. I am a self-made woman and I am proud of the way I have brought myself up. Every turn that I took in life has taught me a lesson and I am a product of these lessons today. The most important lesson that life has taught me is the importance to unlearn. You need to unlearn many things during the course of life and this probably is the most vital thing that life teaches you.

#FeministMondays | Default Skills And Characteristics

Image Source Every time my husband and I visit a certain household, he is asked how his work is going on and if it is getting hectic for him. I am asked what I cooked for breakfast/lunch/dinner. If this is not unfair, then what is? I work the exact same hours as my husband in an equally demanding job and contribute equally to the household, yet, why am I only expected to focus on domesticity? Why is a woman expected to be born with a certain set of skills and characteristics? She needs to know to cook well, to clean well, to take care of the house, to satiate her husband, to have an inbuilt motherly instinct, continue to look after the house even with a kid seated on her hip, and not complain. Who defined this? Why aren't women expected to have ambitions, rise up the ladder, be financially independent and excel at their work? It doesn't mean that these women will not take care of a house, they might even do that. Still, why isn't what they want from their life ever co

Alpha & Alpha

Image Source Everyone by now knows that I'm an outspoken person who calls a spade a spade. I always speak my mind and never sugarcoat stuff. I have always been straightforward even when I was child. While I am pretty diplomatic at work, because I need to be, I still remain outspoken and express my thoughts freely and as often as I can. I have been often told that I have a dominant personality and that I'm someone who likes to lead. While I do agree on the latter, the former is highly debatable. I've lost count of the number of times people have called me "Bold" (Gosh! I hate that word!), just because I choose to voice my opinion. While most people just nod along or prefer to stay quiet and go through it, I choose not to. It is not that I am trying to be a rebel without a cause here. I just believe in doing things the right way. If something seems off or wrong, I talk about it. I am called bold because of this. I am called dominant because of this. Well, if t