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Reading Recap: 2018

Image Source Since I comfortably read 50 odd books last year , this year I decided to top it. When the year began, I set myself a target of 60 books and within the first four months of the year, I was already half-way through it. I was pretty happy with my success at reading and kept going book after book. By August I had finished reading around 40 books and I was looking to surpass my challenge easily. Then, September happened.

#GuestPost | 5 Benefits Of Reading - By Shalini

Hello guys! Today, I have someone very special here to talk about something that is very special to me. Shalini has been a dear friend ever since we connected offline and has been the perfect friend to talk about books, writing and everything else in random. I rarely do or accept guest posts, but when she asked me for one , I had to oblige. She graciously returned the favor as well. So, do give her the same love you give me. Or more. Hola folks. 

Bend, Don't Break

It is impossible To do it all If you bear all the weight You're bound to fall Take a deep breath Relax for a while Once in a while it is okay To ignore the task pile

Action Replay + Gratitude List: November 2018

Image Source " Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans " - Whoever said this knew what they were talking about. This is what November was for me. While October was a really busy month, I thought November would be a little relaxed, but was I in for a surprise! November was twice as busy as October with me working continuously day after day without a break. There was nothing else in my life apart from work this November. Stress was at its peak and I barely had any time for myself or my hobbies. As busy as it was, November taught me a lot of lessons and kept me strong.