PHOTO PROMPT © Anshu Bhojnagarwala

Wherever life plants you
Bloom with grace
It is okay to fall
But come back with an ace

Fix the environment
Enjoy the process of becoming
Let the seasons enjoy their course
Soon, the time will come for spring

Every flower is beautiful
Just bloom, don’t compete
Do whatever it takes to sustain
Surviving is no simple feat

There might not be enough space
If you should grow, you will
Work on your metamorphosis
Unlearn and up-skill

No one will help you grow
It is all up to you
Wildflower, you just spring up
Where no one expected you to


This 100 word poem is written for Friday Fictioneers, 15th March 2019.


  1. Yay Sou. My thoughts last night revolved around the same thing. From being the wildflower to becoming it once again. Such a lovely take on the poem. May we all grow gloriously wherever we are. 💗

  2. How inspiring and beautiful, Soumya! You make it seem so easy to write such motivating poetry! Loved it immensely, as I do all of your motivational posts.

  3. Beautiful poem that does justice to the prompt .. Loved it

  4. Dear Soumya

    This is perfectly lovely and timely. Well done.



  5. You know I love all your poems. And this one I can relate to, for more reason than one. :)

  6. Your poem rings with wisdom and truth.

  7. That is an inspiring idea - to bloom wherever one can, without expecting help or support and it goes beautifully with the prompt too.

  8. Beautiful imagery and so well worded! Very nice poem, Soumya. Loved these lines the most:
    "Wildflower, you just spring up
    Where no one expected you to."

  9. Beautiful and fun. Just bloom, don't compete is a great motto.

  10. What a beautiful inspiring poem, Soumya! I felt as if you wrote this one for me. It’s time to bloom. Loved it! ❤️

  11. "No one will help you grow
    It is all up to you" Absolutely loved this. I love your poems. They are truly fantastic.

  12. Well done. I especially like that last verse :)


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