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S: Sushmita Sen #AToZChallenge

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S was a very tricky letter as I have way too many inspirations whose name starts with S. Serena Williams, Sudha Murty, Sunitha Williams, Shefali Shah and some more. But, when I close my eyes and think of one Indian woman who inspires me the most, it has to be Sushmita Sen. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that she has been a Miss Universe and an actor, it just has to do with the amazing woman that she is. When Sushmita was applying for the Miss India contest in 1994, many other applicants were withdrawing their applications as Aishwarya Rai too was applying the same year and there was no way that they could win against her. Sushmita could have done the same, but she didn't. Armed with a few clothes stitched by her local tailor, she entered the competition and won it with grace. It did not matter who her fellow contestants were, she knew she was good and that's the confidence that mattered.

I love this woman because she is herself unabashedly. She lives without filters and speaks her mind at all times. Being a Miss India and a Miss Universe you are obviously taught the art of articulation, but Sushmita Sen is something else altogether. She was the first Miss Universe from India and she knew what she wanted to do with her life. She had to be careful as the whole universe was watching her now and was looking at her like an example. What she did was totally unexpected and that act alone won the hearts of millions around her. At the age of 25, Sushmita signed up to be a single mother and adopted her first daughter Renee.

Sushmita's stint in the movies is not worth talking about much, but I did love her role in Meghna Gulzar's debut directorial 'Filhaal'. It was a brave role to pick up back then. She played Sia, who decides to becomes a surrogate for her best friend, Rewa, played by Tabu. She also looked absolutely stunning in 'Main Hoon Na', but sadly there was only so much she could do in that movie. While she is seldom seen in movies now, she still does stage shows, walks the ramp for good causes and is a delight on Instagram! Just follow her there for your daily dose of motivation and inspiration.

At 35, she adopted another daughter, Alisah and both her children have been the apple of her eyes since the day they came into her life. She's been very open about her motherhood to her children. Apparently she told them that they did not come out from her belly but instead came out from her heart. Awww, I know! Sushmita has never been secretive about her life and has spoken about her love affairs openly. Her daughters always accept the men in her life and together they paint a nice picture. Currently Sushmita is dating model Rohman Shawl, a fashion model who is decades younger than her. She shares ample pictures of him on her Instagram page and their PDA is adorable.

Sushmita Sen has been a Miss India, has been a Miss Universe, but she's always be one hell of an amazing human being! She truly celebrates her beauty and lives her life without having to answer to anyone. A single mother, a philanthropist and a lover of life, she'll always be an inspiration to me.


I'm participating in the April A to Z Challenge for 2019 and my theme is Wonder Women.


  1. Sushmita is a beauty with brains. Love her strong, independent and sassy attitude.

  2. I'm happy to have stopped by today and found your post. I love your topic! Although I'm not familiar with Sushmita Sen, I can see why you admire her. Strong independent women creating the lives they want are great inspirations aren't they? May our world always be filled with them.

    1. She was the Miss. Universe 1994, Deborah. Such a wonderful woman she is. Amen to that!

  3. ah, she has my heart! I look up to her and I really don't have any words to say how much inspires every woman!

    1. She inspires me day after day. She's that awesome.


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