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Y: Ygritte #AToZChallenge

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You will only know Ygritte is you have read/watched 'Game Of Thrones'. She is a wildling from the lands beyond the great Wall on the continent Westeros. Her kind are called "Wildlings" because they are outside the feudal order of the Seven Kingdoms south of the Wall. But, she calls them "Free Folk".

Ygritte is one of the most loyal people you will find. Quick-witted and courageous, she has great skills of an archer. Ygritte doesn't care about the Iron Throne or who gets to sit there. Like the other wildlings, Ygritte understands that the real threat lies with the impending invasion of the White Walkers and those are her only enemies. When she meets Jon Snow and falls in love with him later, she still doesn't step away from her duty of fighting for her leader. When Jon is adamant about returning to his Night's watch duty at the Wall, Ygritte, though blinded by tears, shoots Jon with three arrows as he, gallops away back to the wall.

Ygritte, though still in love with Jon, continues to follow her leader and fight for him. When she gets into a heated argument with another of the free folk, over her feelings for Jon, she resolves to kill him herself and reestablish her tarnished reputation among her own people. She chose duty over love. When the time comes, she kills numerous brothers of the Night's watch and when she finds Jon, she points an arrow to his heart, but her resolve weakens and she hesitates for a moment. That moment was enough for Olly, a boy whose father Ygritte previously killed, to shoot her from behind. She dies in the arms of the man she loves, in the line of duty. Duty and love, both win.

We all have an Ygritte inside us. One part of which is strongly bound to duty and the other, emotional, yet strong in love. May both win.


I'm participating in the April A to Z Challenge for 2019 and my theme is Wonder Women.


  1. I haven't seen the GoT, but I liked reading about Ygritte. And, I agree...we all have a Ygritte residing within us!

    1. She's a splendid but underrated character. You will like her :)


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