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Karma | WordlessWednesday - 6

Shiva Cafe, Dharamsala - July 2019 Enough said.

Celeste | #ThursdayTreeLove - 3

The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa, Bangalore - July 2019 Why do we work so hard to fit in, when we were born to stand out?

The Impact Of Motivation

Image Source Two and a half years ago when my mother went through her life altering surgery, I was in a terrible state of mind. My father was broken from the inside and I had to manage everything alone. I was drained physically, emotionally and financially. All my savings was wiped out in one shot! That took a terrible toll on me. The insurance barely covered one fourth of it. I know what mattered was that mom was doing fine, but that was like 10 years of my hard work. This one incident also showed me the true colors of people and that was not a easy thing to digest as well. After a month or so, mom was better and was recuperating at home, but it was getting tough for me to get past each day. Of course I had my partner with me to support me through it all, but inside I was fighting a raging battle and was losing my grip on life. Just as I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown, I decided to pull the reins of my life back together and get better. For me second, but first for my h

Faith | WordlessWednesday - 5

Lake Tsomgo (Changu Lake), Sikkim - November 2017 Without faith, nothing is possible With it, nothing is impossible ~ Mary McLeod Bethune

Combust Stories #NotAMovieReview

Image Source A friend and I recently watched 'Lust Stories' together and we were going " What the F*ck " every alternate minute. Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee and Karan Johar come together after the mind-numbing ' Bombay Talkies ' to create another anthology that highlights lust! Okay, if it was not clear already, it focuses only on the female side of the story. The idea was to talk about how the sexual desires of women are important too and a woman should do everything that she can to feel, err, satisfied. It is a nice thought, no doubt. About time people recognize women as equals in every sphere of life, not only sexuality. What bothers me, however, is that every time a movie is made on independent women or the concept of feminism, it always revolves only around sex. There is so much more to a woman than her desires and sexuality. I agree sex is really vital for both men and women, but one cannot be defined just by their sexuality. What

The Curious Case Of The Indian Tourist

Image Source ****Long post ahead**** Let's face it, not all of us needed the Bali video to show us how Indian tourists are actually like. I do agree that not all Indians are like that, but a large sect surely are. While the debate is on that not only Indians are bad tourists, most people claim that all Asians are, since my knowledge is only limited to the Indian clan, I'll talk about them. To start with, Tripoto recently put out an article which said that Indians do not travel to explore, but to show off their social status. I would agree to that to a large extent. You don't believe me? Take a look at your social media accounts to see the multitude of check-ins and pictures! It is really sad that something as refreshing, educating and life-changing as travel is reduced to a check-in or an album. The purpose of travel , unless it is work related, should only be to explore and have a good time.

Killing Anxiety Softly

Image Source What has to happen will happen They say that it is all written Yet, we worry at every step Always shy, always bitten Excessive thoughts, unwanted worry It is not easy to live with this Every day is a battle for survival You win some, some you miss