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Killing Anxiety Softly

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What has to happen will happen
They say that it is all written
Yet, we worry at every step
Always shy, always bitten

Excessive thoughts, unwanted worry
It is not easy to live with this
Every day is a battle for survival
You win some, some you miss

We cannot entirely control anxiety
But we can control how we react to it
Accept it as a part of you first
Work on it then, bit by bit

Reaching out is not a weakness
It takes immense strength to get better
Healing is a long process
But you'll come out mentally fitter

There is a famous saying
That only dead fish go with the flow
But it actually is rejuvenating
When you let go and take it slow

Remember, you are not alone
But do find yourself some me time
Close your eyes, enjoy the nothingness
Self love is never a crime

Strengthen yourself for the outcome
Instead of worrying what it would be
Good or bad, take it in your stride
Day after day, progress you'll see

We all have phases of ups and downs
With your peace of mind, don't pay
Do everything it takes to make yourself happy
Remember, it is okay to not be okay

Slow down as much as you can
With time, you can continue the race
Let go of the future for a while
It is time to put the present in place

Confessions and conversations
Can solve just about everything
Reach out for help and to help
Together, we can kill this thing

This post is dedicated to a dear friend of mine who is bravely fighting anxiety. This post is also for everyone out there, including me, dealing with this disorder. Hang in there, this too shall pass. Soon.


  1. Poignant. More power to your friend. And more power to you.

  2. I can't tell you exactly how much I needed to read this today. Thank you! And hugs! <3

    1. I hope you feel better soon, Shantala. Hugs <3

  3. Wish your friend feels better soon. I am also a worrier though not really having anxiety disorder. It takes a lot of effort to not worry about everything small. Like you said, invest time in yourself. Accept that it is a problem and look for means to handle it. And seek help if you are not able to handle it.

    1. You said it, Rachna. My anxiety has been all over the place for a while now. Trying hard to calm it down.

  4. Big hugs, Soumya. Both to you and your friend. Hope things look up and soon!

  5. Ah anxiety! It's a bitch isn't it? But we have to embrace it. It's like I tell my clients - anxiety flares up when things are out of control or unpredictable - Life is out of our control and unpredictable. So we need to learn to live with it and not let it control us. Great way of expressing it Soumya.

    1. Tell me about it! A small amount of anxiety is needed for the element of mystery, but too much of it kills you inside.

      Thank you, Sanch.

  6. Anxiety is real, massively huge to overcome and highly underestimated. I hope your friend gets well soon !

    1. Totally agree! We need more talk around it.


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