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For me, Insanity is probably the best state of mind to be in. I'm a hedonist alright, but this tiny portion of my brain where only insanity prevails is the one to give me the most pleasure. Its this place inside me where very few people are allowed and hardly a bunch of people get to see this side of me. Everyone knows by now that I'm not the typical Indian female. Having said that, there is nothing great about me either. Someone once told me that being different can also mean being weird. So be it! Although, there is something quirky, mysterious and equally annoying about me that tends to attract people. My friend once told me that he just loves me for the fact that he knows that there is always something going on in my mind. Apparently, it attracts him to me. Well what do I say, as long as it works for me! :-)

My mind has been a roller coaster always but finally I'm getting the twists and turns right. I like this care free state I'm currently in. Frankly, of late nothing seems to bother me and I'm happy about it. The past doesn't cast a shadow anymore nor does the future haunt. Today at present, it seems like I'm only known to digress. From one feeling to another and one state of mind to other. I feel like my mind is a zorb with me bouncing in it. Crazy but a pleasant feeling.

'Eclipse' was one of the movies I saw when I was jumbled up at home. The book as such doesn't promise anything in the third interval but the movie is surely worth a dekho!! Plainly because its all about Jacob. The origin of werewolves and Jacob coming of age. He is bare chested for more than 70% of the movie and his expressions, his lovelorn puppy eyes, and the way he lights up when he says "Bella" more than makes up for the rest 30% of the movie. The movie also puts a thought in your mind that you can love more than one person at once. I have never believed in this funda but now I'm beginning to think otherwise. My best friends have stood by this right from day one and I have had umpteen arguments with them as to how can you love more than one person at once. They insisted that we could. Now that the thought is incepted in my mind I need to dissect it. I'm in love with one person for sure. Or at least, that's what I think.

Insanity is like an eclipse to the human mind. It blocks out almost everything and puts together only the pieces you want to see. It finally makes sense to analyse all your options before you decide on anything. Why Bella loves Edward so much no one knows. In my opinion no matter how romantic or passionate Edward is there is something innately selfish about him. He knows that his love can destroy her, puts the already clumsy female into all kinds of trouble and seeks Jacob's help when he has to protect Bella. Still she loves him and is willing to go through all the crap. Weird.

Stephanie Mayer seemed to have lost it when I read the books initially. I thought it was a stupid concept of vampires and were wolves. But the underlying concept of love strikes me only now. As I sit back and re-read the books and watch the movie, the character resemblance is uncanny. I'm no Kirsten Stewart but Bella, the character is a part of every female I know. Every girl should have a Edward and Jacob in her life, but when it comes down to making a choice she needs to weigh out the options and pick the right one. Personally, I love the demure passion, maturity and romance of Edward. But the wild animalistic feelings, the fierce protectiveness and undying love of Jacob warms all the corners of my heart. Its a tough choice. But when you pen a list of both their qualities Jacob wins hands down. Be it the hot, well built body when compared to the pale frame of Edward or the fire in his eyes compared to the cold constipated look that Edward has. Okay okay I'm a team Jacob alright!


  1. Haha :) Count me in too- Team Jacob! Very well said!I loved the line where you say everybody should have an Edward and Jacob in their life..Nice post, I really liked this one :)

  2. Thanks a lot gitanjali.. So I guess you have an Edward and a Jacob :)


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